Very soon in life Anastasia Volochkova an important event will take place – together with her daughter Ariadna, she will move to her new mansion near Moscow. While the ballerina is finishing repairs in the house, she is already starting to receive housewarming gifts. Volochkova told our correspondent about one of the presents from the famous Russian singer Nikolai Baskov.

“I think I won’t start moving into the mansion until next week as I wait for my mother and Ariadne to return from Venice. The housewarming will take place even later. However, I’m starting to receive gifts for him now. Recently my good friend Nikolay Baskov gave me a real treasure – a piano. For me, this is a very valuable gift, since Arisha is engaged in music, ”Anastasia admitted to the 7days.ru portal.

The other day, the star shared with 7days.ru that the repair in the new house turned out to be a real drama for her: “It seems to me that now I can say with confidence that I know absolutely everything about the repair. I myself created the interior design, chose the furniture and everything for finishing the house, up to the baseboards. To be honest, the repair was extremely difficult for me. Maybe someday I will talk about this drama in some magazine or write about it in a new book.”

Recall that for a long time Anastasia Volochkova, together with her daughter Ariadna, lived in a rented two-story mansion in the Lianozovo district. In 2013, the ballerina’s house was robbed.


By Yara

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