I can’t even believe that recently Natasha Koroleva celebrated its 47th anniversary. It doesn’t seem to change over the years. Haters accuse the singer of a passion for plastic surgery and injections. But even if there is a little help from cosmetologists, it is precise and competent, since the Queen looks natural. The forehead is mobile, and not frozen with Botox, the lips are not blurred on half of the face, but simply naturally plump, which the singer had.

Natasha has not spoiled fans with changes in her image for a long time. And the other day I published a post with a charming hairstyle and bangs.

Haters, as always, began to accuse the Queen of hobbies for filters. But better pay attention to her hairstyle with bangs! Stylists call bangs an ideal anti-aging element, a replacement for injections and surgery. So it is, if you choose the right option for the shape of the face.

Koroleva has thick elongated bangs, which immediately made her eyes more expressive, and Natasha herself – 10 years younger. Although connoisseurs saw a catch in everything. Many believe that Natasha did not cut her bangs, but made them from a high tail twisted into a bun. Indeed, in this way you can create a fake bangs.

But it is not so important how she did it, the main thing is the result. If the Queen really “imitated” the bangs, it makes sense for her to take a closer look at the image and make such an option.

Natasha Koroleva
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Until recently, the singer could do this in her own beauty salon, but the business could not stand the isolation, and the beauty mecca had to be closed. But the Queen does not despair and, by her own admission, is used to being content with little. In isolation, Natasha did not get bored, but had a good rest, slowed down and was able to think over what she had not had time to do in a crazy race. You can read about her son’s plans for life and musical career here.

What do you think of Natasha’s new look? Does she look better with or without bangs? Vote!

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