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A new brand of cosmetics Aevit by Librederm has prepared something special for you. Face and body products have appeared quite recently, but they have already managed to attract attention with a simple and understandable philosophy, high-quality ingredient composition and affordable price. It’s time to figure out what is special about the new cosmetics and what are its advantages?

At the heart of it are vitamins!

We are ready to reveal to you the main beauty secret of Aevit products, which is already displayed in the name itself. So, Aevit cosmetics are created on the basis of the main beauty vitamins – A and E, presented in a bioavailable form, which helps the vitamins to be better absorbed by the skin.
Aevit products saturate the skin with vitamins, energize, soften, moisturize and protect it from frost, wind and other aggressive environmental influences. In addition to the vitamin complex, cosmetic products contain trace elements, natural plant extracts and oils that improve skin condition.

Suitable for many

The range of Aevit by Librederm brand includes creams, lotions, gel scrub and other care products that effectively cleanse, tone, nourish, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. At the same time, there are universal products in large volume packages, for example, AEVITSOFT Moisturizing Cream with Betaine, AEVIT SOS Revitalizing Cream with Shea Butter and AEVIT Universal Nourishing, “family cream”, which is suitable for adults and children.

Color matters

The red and white color scheme used in the design of the package sets you up for positive and energizes you. It is pleasant to place such cosmetics on a dressing table or in a cosmetic bag, and it is also easy to find on the shelves in pharmacies – I, please, red and white Aevit – a phrase that pharmacists are starting to get used to.


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