In the life of a singer Anita Tsoi a very important stage came – she began to rebuild her house. The star shared this news on her Instagram microblog*.

To find out why the artist decided to do a large-scale renovation, we contacted her representative. “Currently, the restructuring is in full swing. Anita and her family decided to take this step because the house is over 10 years old and really needs to be replaced. Anita herself controls all the processes, and in the future she will be engaged in the design of the house, ”the source said.

Judging by the singer’s comment on Instagram*, this apartment is very dear to her: “My good old house… Our son grew up in it, my husband worked on articles and on my PhD, and I learned the art of housekeeping. It was rebuilt after the fire. Many songs and scripts for my show programs were written in it, and 12 families of swallows lived under its roof. Our home has been through a lot. Finally, the time has come for a major overhaul, and morally our home is outdated. So now just go ahead. Good luck, beloved home!

By the way, the other day the TV presenter also started repairs in a country house. Olga Buzova. She boasted a photo of her luxurious living space in a blog.


By Yara

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