Beloved Tatyana Tereshina spoke about their new home

Photo: Instagram* Slava Nikitin

Singer Tatiana Tereshina and her lover, leading Slava Nikitin, after the birth of their daughter Aris, they acquired a family nest. The couple bought a two-story mansion in the suburbs. Portal 7days.ru contacted the father of the family to congratulate him on the acquisition of real estate, as well as ask for details about the new residence.

So far, Slava and Tatyana have not started the repair, but they are already preparing for this important matter with might and main: “The Internet has not seen such a number of requests for repairs for a long time, as after we bought this house. Already a few months before the purchase, Tanya and I went to visit and looked at the details, noticed some solutions. We probably won’t invite designers until we can finally decide on this, although if some kind of “Housing problem” comes to us one fine morning, we won’t object, ”Nikitin noted with a smile.

The presenter said that his lover had experience as an interior designer. “Tanya has already tried herself in this area, she was doing repairs in the apartment, and I must say that she did great,” Nikitin praised the singer. “As an artist, she needs creative fulfillment, and home improvement is a great opportunity for this.”

Tatiana Tereshina

Photo: Instagram* Tatyana Tereshina

When asked what bold projects Slava and Tatyana are ready to implement in the new house, the presenter replied that their main task is to make the house comfortable for all its inhabitants.

“We want it to turn from an ordinary house into a nest, so that everyone would be comfortable in it: the child, and us, and Tanya’s mother, and animals, of which we have a huge number. Maybe there will be more children, now we are thinking about replenishing the family. Fortunately, there is still plenty of time. The main thing is that we have the keys in our hands, and then we will think, ”the host said.

The couple had to choose a future habitat for quite a long time. “I have to go to the city every day, so we specially selected a house with a convenient location: it is located not far from Moscow, along the Mozhaisk highway, but you can get there by other routes,” the presenter shared. “The house was already finished, but we spent a lot of time choosing the right settlement and design: spacious rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows.”

Tatyana Tereshina and Slava Nikitin with their daughter Aris

Photo: Instagram* Tatyana Tereshina


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