Skin care is akin to fine arts. New experience fills the days with meaning and reminds us of eternal truths. Turn your dressing table into a workshop: enjoy the luxurious texture of the cream, listen to the exquisite aroma and create a tightened face contour day after day.

“After 35 years, changes in the skin matrix become noticeable: the oval of the face loses its former shape, wrinkles are more pronounced. First of all, this is due to a decrease in the synthesis of the components of the extracellular matrix – collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Due to age and environmental factors, the type and condition of the skin changes: from combination it turns into dry or dehydrated. MEZOLUX creams create the best version of the development of events – with regular use, the facial contour is clear, the skin is fresh and radiant without dryness wrinkles.

Creams work by analogy with the injection bioreinforcement procedure – they stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The composition is supplemented with a carboxyhydrate complex, which has an ultra-moisturizing effect on dry skin, gives it delightful tenderness and comfort, ”says Alfonso Romero De La Torre, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and Director of International Laboratories Librederm.


Back to the roots

The anti-aging products of the MEZOLUX collection are based on the Armatrix ® complex, created on the basis of algae from the Iroise Sea in France.

The complex is responsible for the bio-reinforcement of the skin. Due to the small size of the molecule, Armatrix® penetrates the dermis, restores and maintains the collagen-elastin matrix: restores skin elasticity and tone, and models a clear facial oval. Ultra-moisturizing creams are no exception: the Armatrix ®-Prime and Armatrix ®-Chrono complexes provide a bio-reinforcing effect throughout the day.

Connections with beauty

The pearl of MEZOLUX bio-reinforcing creams for dry facial skin – a carboxyhydrate complex – is built into the intercellular space, firmly binds to keratinocytes, retaining precious moisture. In other words, it forms a light protective veil on the surface of the skin, which controls its hydration and prevents dehydration.

Day cream and night creams

MEZOLUX bio-reinforcing cosmetics creates excellent anti-aging care in the morning and evening: restores skin elasticity and tone, models a V-shaped face contour, significantly reduces the severity of ptosis and wrinkles, and intensively moisturizes.


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