The cult sale from the USA will come very soon – on November 27th. Many people think that the sale is just a marketing ploy that makes us spend more. However, real savings are possible: here are ways to spend Black Friday with the benefit of the wallet.

Where to buy

Black Friday is still new to the Russian market. Although this year the sale will take place only for the third time, there are already at least 300 largest online stores of various kinds among the participants: at a discount, you can buy clothes, dishes, books, and electronics. Check if your favorite stores are on the list? With them, you should start your purchases on Black Friday. Add the stores you are interested in to bookmarks – then on Black Friday you will definitely not forget anything.
You can learn about promotions of offline stores from the newspapers of your city. The best offers can be expected from chain stores: for example, you should look for equipment in M.Video. Choose where you want to go, but remember that it is unlikely that you will have time to visit more than 1-2 stores on the day of the sale.

When to buy

The main distinguishing feature of Black Friday is that it is very short: sales will go on for only 1-3 days. It is logical that you need to start shopping as soon as sales begin, otherwise more nimble buyers will get ahead of you. Specify when sales will start in each store you want to visit: your personal schedule for the day depends on this. As in the US, some stores in our country will open their doors at midnight or early in the morning. Make sure to arrive at the scene early so that you can get in line and be in the front row.
If you are not ready to sacrifice your sleep, and the idea of ​​standing in line on a fresh November morning discourages you from any interest in discounts, stay at home – you can spend your time usefully by arranging online shopping. However, in this case, speed is important, because keeping track of several hundred stores at the same time is not an easy task. It is not necessary to manually search for discounts: subscribe in advance to our special Black Friday newsletter, which we diligently prepare for you. So you will easily be aware of all the promotions: it will be enough to follow the desired link and send the product to the basket.

What is worth buying and what is not

A huge flat-screen TV at a ridiculous price can be considered an unofficial symbol of Black Friday: most buyers are hoping for just such a deal. And for good reason – stores are preparing for sale not only TVs, but also other equipment, overall and not very large. True, goods of the middle price segment will be sold at special prices: if you prefer exclusively flagship models of leading brands, Black Friday does not promise you a rich “catch”.
In addition to technology on Black Friday, you should pay attention to special promotions and promotional codes for clothes. You can profitably update your wardrobe with the help of democratic brands, but you can see the products of premium brands on Black Friday not so often – it is better to look for such goods on another day. In addition, if your goal is to get the highest possible discount, then buying winter clothes and shoes on Black Friday is not the most profitable option: down jackets and boots are the cheapest during the sale of collections from past seasons. We’ll have to wait a little: liquidation usually begins in January and continues until spring. But demi-season and summer clothes on Black Friday can be purchased very cheaply.

The Importance of Being Earnest: Price Analysis
Black Friday is one of the most notable annual shopping events. On this day, you can really save a lot, but you need to know what to fear. Alas, the truth of life is that not all offers on Black Friday are as stunning as the advertisement promises: some stores do not care at all about the reputation of the event – for example, the quantity of goods with the maximum discount can be negligible.
Do not let yourself be outwitted on the scale of the seller’s generosity: monitor in advance the prices of goods that you want to buy on the day of the sale – this way you will protect yourself from imaginary benefits. In this case, Yandex.Market will come in handy: you have probably opened this service more than once to find the right thing in the shops of your city. Here you can also find out where what you are looking for is sold and compare where it is cheaper to buy: online or offline.

Plan this day

One has only to see the mark “-50%”, and then everything is in a fog: the queue, the cashier, disappointment. In order not to repeat this sad scenario on Black Friday, set limits in advance for your desire to buy. First of all, financial: no one wants to come to their senses, only having completely exhausted the credit card limit. The point of the sale is not to “Fly on, it’s cheaper!”, But to buy really necessary things cheaper than usual.
In order for you to benefit from the sale, and not the store, it is worth concentrating on a clear plan. You can arrange a small brainstorm: invite those with whom you live to participate – it is probably long overdue for the need to make large purchases. Present the results of your reflections in the form of a list: for example, save all the information in the application where you usually enter the products that you need to buy in the supermarket. Some of these applications, such as AnyList, allow multiple users to work on a list at the same time. This is very convenient if you have “accomplices” on Black Friday: on the day of the sale, you can split up and delete the purchased items from the list so that there are no repetitions.


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