The black tie dress code is commonly used at theater premieres, dinner parties and, of course, gala events. On the eve of the VII Award ceremony of the Association of Film and Television Producers (which will take place on March 27, 2019 in Moscow), we will tell you what you need to know about the black tie dress code, which is indicated in invitation cards as the main dress code of the event.

Black tie dress code for women

The main rule is to look expensive and elegant. This dress code implies that a woman will come in an evening dress with a maxi length or just below the knees. The length depends on whether you are walking alone or with a companion. If a woman is going to go to an event with a man, then it is definitely necessary to choose a long dress. If she is alone, then a cocktail option is allowed.

Agniya Kuznetsova at the APKiT awards in 2017
Photo: TASS

Anna Snatkina and Viktor Vasiliev at the APKiT awards in 2014
Photo: Provided by the organizers of the event

Stop your choice on the classics. The black tie dress code does not involve fashion experiments or provocative outfits. An elegant silhouette, soft draperies, an accentuated waist and an airy train are the right choice.

Natalya Bardo at the APKiT awards in 2017
Photo: TASS

Victoria Isakova at APKiT awards in 2014
Photo: Provided by the organizers of the event

Forget bulky bags. A clutch bag or an elegant little bag made of silk or brocade, possibly embroidered with beads, will do. Shoes must be heeled and closed. You can choose the height of the heel yourself, there are no rigid frames. A great option is boats made of fabric. An important nuance – the shoes are as concise as possible, without decor. Jewelry or spectacular costume jewelry – you choose

Black tie dress code for men

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk at the 2019 Oscars
Photo: Instagram* @redcarpetman

Igor Mishin with his wife at the APKiT awards in 2018
Photo: Legion-Media

The ideal option is a classic tuxedo or jacket with a satin collar and lapels, a white shirt and formal trousers. Don’t forget about an important detail – a black butterfly with right angles. As for shoes, the best choice is oxfords or derbies, but not patent ones. And don’t forget the white handkerchief in your breast pocket.

Varieties of black tie dress code

  • Black Tie Optional

The name itself already indicates the possibility of choosing clothes. You can come in the clothes recommended in the invitation, or choose your own outfit. But remember that in any case, you need to choose from classic evening looks. No jeans and loose style.

  • Black Tie Invited

A man is supposed to wear a black tie. Women, in addition to an evening or cocktail dress, can choose a trouser suit. Otherwise, the rules are similar to the usual black tie.

  • Black Tie Creative

Creative evening style suggests more opportunities for creativity. A man can wear not a tuxedo, but a regular suit, and it is permissible to play with the color and choose a dark blue option instead of the conservative black. And ladies, for example, can safely come to the event in an evening skirt and an elegant blouse or jacket.


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