In the cold, our skin is naughty. Due to the dry air in the apartments and the cold outside, it dries, flakes, and sometimes even turns red. The problem is that we take care of the face, but the body is often deprived of attention. And the skin takes revenge on us.

To save her from problems, competent means are needed that will moisturize, nourish, restore and protect from external influences. The line of the professional brand Kinetics has 4 new lotions for home and salon care. They have a natural composition without parabens and dyes. Shea butter, argan, vitamin E, take care of the skin. They nourish, moisturize and prevent flaking and dryness.

The lotions have extraordinary fragrances that will take you to the fields and gardens of Grasse. Choose the one you like best: a duet of green apple and jasmine, fig and violet, lavender and pineapple, or green tea and lemon. In lotions, the perfume composition looks expensive, and the aroma after application will last throughout the day, and perfume is not needed. For home use, volumes of 250 and 75 ml are available. The second option will easily fit into a lady’s handbag.


By Yara

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