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Ideal underwear should have a perfect fit, not be felt at all on the body and not cause discomfort, but at the same time it did its job perfectly. It is not difficult to choose perfectly fitting underwear by contacting the services of bra-fitting.

What is a bra fitting

The bra fitting comes from the UK. Its main task is to professionally select underwear that fits perfectly on you, and its secondary task is to teach you how to choose the right underwear on your own. Bra-fitters, specialists in the selection of underwear, differ significantly from sales assistants in a lingerie store, if only because different tasks were originally set: for consultants – to sell, and for bra-fitters – to pick up.

Who needs a bra fitting

It’s not worth running to a lingerie styling salon as soon as possible if you don’t know what you are going for and what question you should contact the stylists with. As a rule, women with standard sizes (70-75 AB) do not have problems choosing underwear: the assortment in stores is wide and it is easier to find “your” bra and most likely it will fit perfectly. Professional advice is needed for women with a non-standard figure, for example, slim with large breasts, full forms, or vice versa, very small breasts. With such a figure, there is less choice, and more nuances. Also, this service is useful for those who are faced with the problem of choosing a bra cup – it does not fit snugly.

How does a bra fit work?

At the lingerie selection master class, you will have a conversation with a stylist, to whom you can ask exciting questions, explain what problems you are facing. After that, he will measure the volumes – the girth under the chest and at the most protruding points. The next step is to try on the right underwear. The lingerie stylist will not only correctly determine the size, but also suggest the most suitable bra models. How tightly the bra should fit under the breast, the straps and the cup should sit, how to understand and check that everything is right, how to emphasize beautiful breasts … – these and other nuances will be revealed.

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What bra-fitters pay attention to:

1. Clasp. Basically, the waistband of the bodice is made of elastic material, which is able to stretch over time. When buying a bra, it should sit tight on the back, fastened with the last row of hooks, so that when the belt is stretched, you can move on to the next rows.

2. “Rule of the palm.” All the most difficult work is done by the belt, shifting the load and the main support of the chest onto itself. Place your palm perpendicularly between your waistband and your back. If the hand is difficult to pass, it means that the belt will put too much pressure. If, on the contrary, it is too loose, it will not be able to hold the chest.

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3. The edge of the bone. If it is adjacent to the ribs, and not to the chest, then everything is correct. There should be no pressure on the chest.

4. Hollow. The bridge and the end of the bones fit snugly into the hollow between the chest and do not slip when moving.

5. Straps. Handle strap adjusters responsibly. It is worth remembering that the body is not symmetrical and it is worth pulling each up until the chest lags behind the cup, but the strap does not start to dig painfully into the skin.

Bra-fitting is useful not only in terms of aesthetics and beauty, but also for maintaining women’s health. An inappropriate bra can contribute to the development of tumors if the bones sit incorrectly and interfere with the lymph flow. Loose-fitting underwear rubs the skin, causes dermatitis and discomfort. And the cause of the stoop could easily be an incorrectly selected belt, in which the weight of the chest is not transferred to the back.


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