Exclusive professional treatments in the Azhur beauty studio are performed by a certified cosmetologist.

Production of Thalasso bretagne (France)

Atraumatic facial cleansing is the basic skin care. In essence, this is a deep cleansing of the skin of the face, during which the top layer of the skin is not damaged. As is clear from the very name of the procedure, its main feature is the absence of a traumatic effect on the skin. It is the softest and most gentle of all types of cleansing.

Procedure “Flash of beauty” – the program to the exit! It allows you to restore radiance, tone, energy and beauty to the skin within an hour.

Comprehensive care is a procedure of deep comprehensive skin care, which combines various methods of cleansing, regeneration, nutrition and rejuvenation. This format of complex facial skin care is absolutely comfortable and painless, it is suitable for any skin type, regardless of age, is combined with all cosmetic procedures, and is also indicated for use at any time of the year. It is recommended by a course of several procedures that can be used as monotherapy or combined with each other, depending on the problems that need to be solved.


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