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Are you honest, open, patient, not afraid of work and play by the rules? Then in 2021 you will definitely be successful. The bull loves those who resemble him in temperament and character.

The bull is the second of the twelve animals invited to the Buddha festival. But, unlike a nimble rat, he is a hardworking, stubborn and responsible beast, knows what he wants, does not deviate from the intended path. The stars promise that in 2021 we will take a break from the difficult 2020. A stable Ox will reduce the tension that has accumulated in the world due to military conflicts and an epidemic. Many are waiting for a promotion, major deals will be successful. And 2021 is also very good for creating a family. If you have been hesitant to make a marriage proposal for a long time, the time is right for this.

According to the calendar, 2021 is the year of the white metal Ox. This bull represents honesty and justice, perseverance and reliability.

How to welcome 2021 the right way

Keep in mind that the Bull is a family, domestic animal. Therefore, on New Year’s Eve, do not plan noisy parties far from home. The most suitable option for meeting the holiday is your family. Set the table, prepare salads according to your signature recipes, look at a family album, launch fireworks together, lay a grandmother’s tablecloth on the table, get your mother’s favorite set. The bull will appreciate it. He is for eternal values, for the love and support of loved ones.

And the Bull does not like upstarts and braggarts. Do not try to jump above your head, do not demonstrate your advantage, give up everything bright and flashy. Outfits, gifts, and even the New Year tree should be modest and restrained.

What to give in the new 2021 Year of the Ox

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We already know that the Ox does not like pretentiousness and demonstrativeness, but rewards those who love family and traditions. And New Year’s gifts should also be sent to the family, to show your concern for loved ones. A great option under the Christmas tree is high-quality household appliances, good home textiles, just imagine how a cozy blanket will warm your parents or loved one in January frosts. Useful gadgets, certificates for master classes and developmental courses are allowed in the gift, please your family with a fitness subscription or pay for a massage or body wraps.

What to meet in 2021 year of the Ox

We always associate the New Year with sparkles, tinsel, decorations, twinkling lights and bright colors. But not the year of the Ox. Immediately say “no” to the red color, the abundance of decor and glitter. Choose classic outfits or clothes made from eco-friendly materials: linen, organic cotton. Colors are allowed natural and muted. Pay attention to outfits in coffee, herbal, woody, plum, olive or sand shades.

Year 2021 of the Ox, what to cook

The festive table should be varied, but simple. The bull does not like luxury and excess. Choose classic simple and understandable dishes. This New Year’s menu is not a reason to create culinary masterpieces, limit yourself to your signature recipes. On the table should be fish, vegetables and vegetable salads, fruits and cheese. But this year it is worth giving up on the jelly from the beef thigh, beef tongue, let’s not offend the Bull.

New Year 2021, what signs

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Astrologers advise before the onset of the year of the Ox to put things in order in your finances. Try to repay debts, resolve monetary disputes. And there is also a sign that in order not to know the need for the whole year, on New Year’s Eve in your wallet there should be not only payment cards, but also a sufficient amount of cash: paper bills and coins. Then all this will be found in you in abundance.

It is also necessary to put things in order in the house, get rid of unnecessary things, clothes, utensils. It is not recommended to meet the Year of the Ox without general cleaning. Otherwise, the flows of positive energy will stumble upon rubbish and garbage.

Before New Year’s Eve, it is worth reconciling with relatives, forgetting all grievances, not thinking about troubles. Family happiness, kindness and good mood will then continue throughout the year of the Ox.

Who was born in the year of the Ox

There are many truly unique people among the star “children” of the bull.

Maya Plisetskaya, Joseph Kobzon, Alla Pugacheva, Vladimir VysotskyAnna Akhmatoma and boxer, and now deputy Alexander Valuev.


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