Some sofa and self-taught experts have begun to actively theorize online that enlarged pores can stretch the skin, contribute to the appearance of sagging cheeks, and in general – evil. How things really are, and is it worth it to sound the alarm if you become the owner of such an “accessory”, he told us Alexander Prokofiev, medical expert of La Roche-Posay brand, dermatovenereologist.

Why enlarged pores appear

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Let’s start with what it’s all about. In fact, this is the mouth of the sebaceous hair follicle of the skin. The follicle has three components: the sebaceous gland, the hair and the hair follicle. The sebaceous gland performs an important function for the skin, it removes the sebaceous secret into the funnel of the hair follicle. Sebum serves to moisturize the skin and protect it from the attacks of an aggressive external environment.

The size of the pore depends on the size of the follicle, and its dimensions depend on the type of hair and the size of the sebaceous gland. We hope it’s not too difficult.

Depending on the announced parameters, the largest size that can reach the time is 2.5 mm. It is visible to the naked eye, and is considered expanded.

By the way, it may be time to increase in size if active sebum secretion begins. Usually such insinuations occur in adolescence or in owners of oily skin.

But not only teenagers and owners of a combination dermis can suffer from enlarged pores. Pores can grow in size during life under the influence of various factors.

For example, during stress or hormonal disruptions, then cortisol and hormonal shocks stimulate the secretion of sebum.

The same process can be triggered by improper skin care (for example, if you constantly peel it, use inappropriate creams), illiterate nutrition (fried, fatty, salty affect the active work of the sebaceous glands), frequent visits to the solarium and love for sunbathing in the active sun.

In all of these cases, enlarged pores can appear even in owners of dry skin, and they will be most visible in the T-zone, since their largest accumulation is here.

By the way, the presence of acne, contrary to popular belief, may not affect the size of the pore. If inflammation forms inside the follicle, then the time may not increase. But when the duct is blocked, a comedone forms, and then the pores become very noticeable.

Do pores stretch the skin

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All this is a myth. If pores actually stretched the skin, then their owners would walk around with sagging faces. We don’t see this on the streets.

The skin can stretch when there is a lack of collagen, such as with age. Enlarged pores create the only thing – a visual defect. With them, the relief of the face looks uneven and bumpy.

How to deal with enlarged pores at home

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You can fight enlarged pores with the right care. To do this, get products that narrow pores, mattify the skin, and reduce sebum secretion.

Look for kaolin, talc, zinc oxide, starch derivatives, vitamin A, linoleic, azelaic, salicylic or lipohydroxy acids, niacinamides, plant extracts (sabal, argan oil, pumpkin, sesame) in the composition of such cosmetics.

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1. Thalgo intensive sebum-regulating concentrate. 2. Effaclar La Roche-Posay exfoliating pore tightening lotion. 3. Ph.Drop Acne 4 Steps Cleanser.

Cleanse your skin twice a day, do not skip washing in the morning, why, we wrote here.

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1. Tonic for problematic and oily skin essentials by ARTISTRY. 2. Garnier 3-in-1 charcoal anti-blackhead. 3. Lotion for deep cleansing of pores URIAGE.

Do not wash your face with hot water, it expands the pores, it is better that the water is at room temperature. After cleansing, use toners. For enlarged pores, locally use a lotion that narrows them. Finally, apply a sebum-regulating cream.

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1. Cleansing lotion, narrowing the pores Normaderm VICHY. 2. Mask for narrowing the pores “Perfect smoothness” Ilona Lunden. 3. Seboregulating mask Seboregulating Mask EGIA. 4. Creme Juvanyl Academie Cleansing Cream.

Important! If you have oily skin, don’t forget to moisturize. If you use deep-cleansing and sebum-regulating products all the time, you can overdry it, then sebum will form in excess, and the pores will become even wider.

What procedures in the clinic help to solve the problems of enlarged pores


It is not always possible to cope with the problem of enlarged pores on your own. For example, if you have inflammation and acne, the pores need to be thoroughly cleaned, and this is possible only in a clinic, and only then they can be narrowed.

The cleaning service for the pores will be a cleaning procedure – mechanical or ultrasonic, various peels will help – from superficial to medial.

Laser resurfacing or fractional photothermolysis perfectly cope with pores and inflammation. After the consultation, the cosmetologist will tell you what procedures you need, taking into account the characteristics of your skin.


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