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During the pandemic, home gadgets for the face have become especially popular. It is understandable, beauty salons and cosmetologists were not available, and devices became a worthy replacement. For several years, the beauty industry machine has created a diverse number of facial gadgets for every taste – from the famous and already familiar face wash brushes to microcurrent devices that are ready to replace not only a beautician, but also a surgeon, as they promise to tighten the face and smooth out wrinkles like an iron. .

After the end of the lockdowns, the public did not go to the specialists so actively, having tasted all the delights of home care and the variety that the beauty market gave. Indeed, why pay for a procedure in the salon, especially since now they have become even more expensive than after the pandemic, if you can spend money on a gadget once and arrange SPA days for free, whenever you want? We decided to ask the experts, what, it was possible?

Skin cleansing devices

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There are two types: brushes with different configurations and ultrasonic blades.

Cleansing brushes

At first it was just brushes, then brushes with a rotating head. They were replaced by non-traumatic silicone brushes, which are recommended by cosmetologists.

The bottom line is that soft bristles exfoliate dead skin cells well in combination with a cleansing foam. Manufacturers recommend using devices every day in the morning and evening, while experts advocate a rarer use so as not to “tear off the scalp”.

Now there are models on the market that combine several procedures at once: brushes with ice therapy (light), thermal effects, with the function of microcurrents, which are designed to tighten the skin. True, not all cat Shrovetide.

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How to use: despite the advice of manufacturers, cosmetologists recommend using cleansing brushes no more than 1-2 times a week so as not to disturb the protective lipid mantle and pH of the skin.

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After the procedure, wash the gadget with a cleanser so that dirt does not accumulate there, which later, during the next cleansing procedure, can provoke inflammation.

ultrasonic vane

The portable pore spatula even predates skin cleansing brushes. Works by analogy with the saloon apparatus.

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But a cosmetologist never uses only an ultrasonic spatula when cleaning pores. Usually there is a combined mechanical and ultrasonic cleaning. Only such a mix allows you to achieve good results. The spatula can also be used to prolong the result of salon facial cleansing.

How to use: it is recommended to use the spatula no more than once a month, while not pressing hard on it, so as not to damage the skin.

Rejuvenating devices for the face

Gadgets with microcurrents, the effect of cryotherapy, thermolifting, ionotherapy promise to replace their counterparts from clinics. For home care, it is recommended to massage with such gadgets for creams and serums. They really improve the skin’s absorption of nutrients from cosmetics, and with prolonged use, they can even slightly tighten and smooth out superficial wrinkles. But they do not reach their salon “relatives”. Since the power, the wavelength of such devices does not pass into the deep layers of the skin, where valuable collagen and elastin are formed. But anti-aging gadgets can significantly support the result after visiting a beautician and improve the effect of using cosmetics.

How to use: use devices no more than 2-3 times a week, draw them clearly in the direction of the skin lines. Read the instructions carefully or consult your beautician.

New gadgets for home use

With these devices, you will be able to save the result for a long time after the procedures at the cosmetologist.

Microcurrent device Bear Foreo

The gadget combines microcurrents and T-Sonic pulsations. Tones the skin, makes the oval clearer, relieves muscle tension. For the best effect, manufacturers advise using a special gel conductor with the gadget.

Pmd Clean Pro skin cleansing gadget

This device cleanses the skin with vibrations and a silicone brush, and also massages with thermotherapy, stimulating skin rejuvenation processes.

Facial massager MAMI L&L Skin

In the massager, you can choose the mode – thermotherapy, cryotherapy, phototherapy. Each function helps to smooth out wrinkles, restore a healthy color to the face, and skin tone, and visit a beautician less often.


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