Cherry cola, ginger blonde and other trendy hair shades 2021
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Endless lockdowns and pandemic waves have greatly influenced the style of coloring. There is less recklessness and radical options, the platinum blond is almost a thing of the past. New notes – the color should be such that it is less likely to be updated and go to a beauty salon. On this wave, new interesting options were born that stylists present for the winter season. These colorings are worth trying on now.

rainbow copper

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Shot this fall and entrenched in the hit parade of fashionable colors. This shade is similar to that of Leeloo from The Fifth Element. Bright and multifaceted iridescent copper will suit porcelain dolls, it will make the appearance brighter and more attractive. The play of color is created by combining several shades that smoothly flow into each other – red, peach, orange.

honey caramel

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The basis of coloring is a shade of chocolate, on which honey or caramel strands are distributed. Stylists say that copper caramel is chic for curly hair, because accented strands emphasize and play with curls.

cherry cola

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A multi-dimensional shade that suits all skin tones. This option highlights the face and visually rejuvenates. The basis of the shade is any dark color, on which the stylist distributes strands from the middle. They can be in a shade of mahogany mixed with purple strands.

spicy cinnamon

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A coloring option that visually makes hair longer. “Building” occurs due to the transition of colors – from dark to light. The main thing is to apply light accents from the middle of the hair, so that they smoothly flow into each other. The stylist uses two light color nuances – copper and caramel. They visually make the hair not only longer, but also more voluminous.

Oily blonde

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One of the options for fashionable warm blondes that do not need to be corrected often. Coloring is created by several colors, which are applied in layers, like butter on a sandwich, hence the name of the shade. Dark roots flow in length into a golden honey blond, and platinum at the ends. The volume and shine of the hair are provided.

Ginger blonde

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Rejuvenation with staining is possible if you highlight the skin and add visual warmth to it. Blond base plus a combination of honey and ginger highlights – minus 5 years from the age in the passport.

Amaretto briscotti

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The already famous shade in tone with Italian cookies is suitable for those with golden skin. Read more about the color, we wrote here.

Facial coloring

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To freshen up the image, change the visual features, and at the same time save money, choose fashionable face coloring. About the technique comes from the 90s, we wrote here.

Chocolate with cinnamon

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The perfect shade for girls of the winter color type who want to create a fatal look. The combination of warm chestnut and cool dark brown shades creates a play of light on the hair and illuminates the face, makes the eyes more expressive and adds sexuality.

deep espresso

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For those who want their hair to shine. Deep, like a strong espresso coffee, the shade acts as a background against which the light plays. To maintain this effect, it is important to use shampoos with collagen, oils and silk, which make the hair healthy and prevent split ends.

Coloring with an emphasis on the roots

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Dark hair, which flows into light strands just below the middle of the hair, is called “rooted” dyeing in the West. This option is a tribute to the lockdown, with such coloring you can visit the stylist every 4 months, although it looks good only on long hair.

Cold beer

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A shade with a brown backing and mahogany accents was called a cold beer. It seems to be just as refreshing, slightly intoxicating and radiant. This is a logical continuation of the alcoholic series of color names, because there is already a shade of champagne, wine, cognac.


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