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Platinum blonde this season was officially recognized as a sign of provincials even by the most persistent stylists. This means that hundreds of secular lionesses and celebrities, who were in trend two years ago, fell under the rink, even the famous movie mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen was even attributed to the image of provincials.

Coronavirus isolation has made undeniable adjustments to the new perception of reality. While in the absence of access to the bodies of stylists, the most devoted perhydrol fans grew dark roots up to their shoulders, they quietly got used to their new natural look. So the “unfinished” blonde coloring was born, which was erected into a cult.

Stylists again began to offer techniques for creating a natural blond like shatush, ombre, bronde, which remained on the sidelines for several seasons. Former owners of platinum admit that the latest trend has given them the opportunity to breathe freely: you no longer need to tint once a week, your hair retains good quality and does not fall out, as during beriberi, and staining options emphasize facial features relegated to the background by platinum – eyes, lips , beautiful “filled” cheekbones.

So that no one would be bored, and salons could earn a couple more kopecks lost during the coronovirus stagnation, stylists came up with a new coloring option that will appeal to both blondes and brunettes who dream of brightening up a little.

The masters of dyes called this shade chocolate tea. Sounds and looks delicious. The emphasis here is on a dark shade, which is the base with the addition of light strands. Thus, the stylists equalized the two militant categories of light and dark-haired.

From this coloring, by the way, especially in light of the second wave of self-isolation that threatens us without access to beauty salons, everyone will benefit. In fact, chocolate tea is more like either coffee with the addition of milk, or tea diluted with cream. But American marketers have their own ideas, and they called coloring the phrase that was not yet in the catalog of beauty salons.

“Chocolate tea” has a number of varieties that make it related to other types of stains. And in general, there is a feeling that we have already seen it somewhere, only under other “cream”.

Contouring coloring

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Against the background of a chocolate or light brown shade, stylists suggest adding light strands to the face, and platinum ones can be added to those who have not been “let go” by this shade. Such staining is called contouring, and stylists compare it with mocha, which is now commonly called chocolate tea in a new way. How to use this option to adjust the oval and why it will save money, we wrote here.


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This option can be safely called solar staining. Stylists on a dark background scatters highlights, as if the hair was burned out in the sun. Moreover, they can be copper, golden or light.

tea ombre

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It is somewhat reminiscent of the already famous tea highlighting. Light paint (different in tone) is applied not from the roots, but from the middle of hair growth, separating the strands into zones, in the manner of highlighting.


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