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Between the holidays of the Nativity of Christ and the Epiphany of the Lord (January 7 – January 19) there is a period called Christmas time. In ancient times, it was believed that at this time it is necessary to guess and find out your future.

Christmas divination in Russia was carried out in the habitats of goblin, devils, water – in the river, at the crossroads or in the forest. The traditions of Christmas divination tell us that the most “true” time for divination is from January 13 to 14, according to a new style.

Christmas fortune-telling girls, of course, were associated with young people and future fate. That is why we suggest that you familiarize yourself with several methods of divination.

1. If you are in the village (what if?), then you will most likely find out more easily what awaits you next. You can go to the barn, take a bunch of firewood and count the logs. If it is a pair number, then you will get married, if not, then no. Or you can pull the logs from the woodpile. What kind of log you pull out, so will the husband. If the log turns out to be knotty, then you will have a quarrelsome and pockmarked spouse, and a smooth one – a sincere and handsome man.

2. Divination by the ring. Put the gold ring in a glass and put it overnight in the frost – you can take it out to the balcony. If suddenly it’s warm outside, then put the glass in the freezer. See what happens in the morning. If the water is frozen and there are no tubercles in the glass, then childlessness is likely. If bumps form on the surface of the ice, then you will have sons. Dimples on the surface mean that you will have girls.

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3. This method can be used if you are guessing together. Take six simple pencils. Everyone should fold the letter “P” three pencils. Sit opposite each other and rest your knees on each other. Connect the legs of the letters “P”. Next – call the brownie to talk. But first, ask him if he agrees to talk with you. In the event that the legs of the letters go down, it means that they don’t want to, if they go to the sides, they haven’t decided yet, up, they agree. You can ask him a question, to which he will answer “yes” or “no”. Only after completing fortune-telling, do not forget to treat your brownie. Leave honey somewhere upstairs and don’t be afraid if the jar falls at night.

4. Divination on wax. Take church candles and a faceted glass. You will need to melt a quarter cup of wax, and then pour it into a deep bowl. As you pour, mentally ask a question. After – consider the resulting figures and look for answers to questions.

5. Divination on the mirror. Such fortune-telling is best practiced on moonlit evenings on the street or in a room where moonlight enters. Time is midnight. Place a large mirror on the table and a small one in front of it. Place two candles along the edges and point the mirrors. When 12 mirrors are reflected, look at the image in the last one. You will see a symbol or a face and immediately say: “Chur, this place!”. Do not forget to lay a white or black tablecloth before divination, because it is they who will protect you. In addition, you can not talk at the time of fortune-telling.

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6. Divination on paper. Write the name of a loved one on a piece of paper, put this note on a saucer and set it on fire. If it does not completely burn out, then the desire that you associate with this person will come true.

7. Fortune telling on the cards. Before you go to bed, send four kings under your pillow. Do not forget to say: “Narrowed, mummers! Dream!”. If in a dream the king of spades appears to you, then the husband will be jealous and not very young, the worms will tell you that a young and rich handsome man will appear in your life, baptize – a military man will come to woo, and bubi – the desired person will be next to you.

8. Divination “boat”. Pour water into the bowl. Attach strips of paper along the edges of the pelvis on which to write your cherished desires. You will also need half a walnut shell. Put a candle there. Let this ship go to the middle of the pelvis, and which piece of paper it sets on fire, such a desire will come true.


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