This fall, the season’s top purchases included suits, skirts, and jackets that looked like they were taken from a wardrobe from the 1970s. Fashion returns to royally beautiful velveteen. We tell you where the ribbed fabric came from, how to introduce it into your basic wardrobe and wear it in winter.

through the pages of history

Corduroy was popular among 19th century bohemians, loved by hippies and associated with freedom in the mid 20th century, and today it is actively included in the modern wardrobe. The English call the familiar corduroy “Mancherseter”, because according to one version it was invented in the city of Manchester. The French call velveteen “the fabric of the king”, because for a long time outfits for representatives of the aristocracy were sewn from it. But once this fabric was used for sewing massive curtains. But because of the beauty of velveteen and its interesting texture, they began to sew royal dresses, gloves, and berets from it. Durable, beautiful and textured fabric has spread throughout the world and entered into mass use.

Velveteen – the trend of autumn-winter 2018 2019

Corduroy is one of the hottest trends this season. Buying at least one or two pieces of royal fabric is a good idea. Especially because corduroy is easy to introduce into the basic wardrobe.


Tommy Hilfiger

The simplest solution is a two-piece suit (with trousers or a skirt – it’s up to you) from velveteen. It is better to choose a plain turtleneck in a neutral color for it.

Victoria Victoria Beckham

Victoria Victoria Beckham

Separately, all elements of the suit also go well with basic items / For example, for example, trousers will perfectly fit with a voluminous jacket, as well as with checkered or club-style jackets.


Weekend Max Mara (bosco.ru)

Wrangler (yoox.com)

8 by Yoox (yoox.com)

A velveteen skirt is also a good choice. It is better to wear a miniskirt with a turtleneck and over the knee boots, midi length – with a loose-fitting sweater or jacket made of the same fabric. Another interesting option is a sundress dress, which can be worn not only with a turtleneck, but also with a blouse.


Tara Jarmon


Acne Studios

A corduroy jacket can be worn not only in company with trousers made of the same fabric, but also as an option – trousers made of suede, thick velvet, jeans. For the most daring – with maxi dresses made of light fabrics (just don’t forget about thermal leggings or tight tights, after all, it’s winter outside) and rough boots.

Alexa Chung

Marc’O Polo


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