Panic is growing in the country: medical masks and antibacterial gel ran out a couple of months ago. Now people are afraid of quarantine and carts take buckwheat and toilet paper out of the store. How not to panic and approach shopping wisely in the store?

First, make a shopping list. If you are worried about being quarantined and running out of groceries at home, then your list should definitely include:

  • meat and fish canned food;
  • cereals and pasta;
  • vegetables (particularly potatoes and onions);
  • flour (since bread is not stored for a long time);
  • dried fruits and nuts (sources of vitamins);
  • vegetable oil;
  • sweets for the soul.

In addition, you will need personal hygiene products: toilet paper, paper napkins, soap, household cleaning products. It is also necessary to add medicines that you need on an ongoing basis (insulin, etc.) there.

Secondly, decide where you will buy everything. Now in the current situation with crowded supermarkets and empty shelves, going to the nearest store is not the best option. But we have an omniscient Internet and a large number of online stores with groceries and essentials, household appliances, clothing and even medicines. And here we will talk about the most profitable options.

Hypermarket “Auchan”

Why stand in lines at Auchan when you can order home delivery? In the online store and the choice is greater, and the goods are always in stock. Here you can order food, personal hygiene products, equipment, and leisure items. Convenient, simple and profitable!

Marketplace “Beru”

The online hypermarket, which has collected more than 1000 verified sellers, offers all kinds of goods: groceries, clothing, hygiene items, household appliances, health products and more. If you want to buy everything in one place, then you are on the Beru marketplace website. Convenient and fast delivery is guaranteed.


Now more than ever, pay attention to your health. The iHerb online store offers a wide range of vitamin complexes, sports supplements, hygiene products and healthy snacks. Support your immunity and stay healthy! iHerb will take care of it!

Thirdly, you can always order food from a delivery service. Delivery services offer dishes for every taste. And you just have to choose what you like.

Domino’s Pizza

The world famous pizza delivery company offers the fastest delivery – 30 minutes. Thanks to a large number of pizzerias throughout the city, they cook efficiently and quickly. In addition to a huge number of pizzas, the menu includes snacks, salads, desserts and drinks.

papa john’s

The American pizza delivery company is famous for its lush dough and plenty of toppings. A wide range of delicious pizzas from vegetarian to two-layer with meat is complemented by all kinds of appetizers, salads and drinks. Each pizza comes with sauce and hot peppers to complete the taste.


This is a real gang of cuisines from different countries. The delivery service menu includes pizzas, rolls, poke, woks, salads, soups and much more. Such a choice of dishes will allow you to diversify your dinners and choose your favorite cuisine. Deliver food around the clock within 45 minutes.

Grow food

Grow Food is one of the few healthy and wholesome food delivery services where you can choose what dishes will be brought to you, how many servings they will be divided into and how many calories you need. Food will be delivered in separate containers for each meal. All you have to do is warm up and enjoy!

Fourth, don’t forget to save! All presented stores have special offers: loyalty programs, promotions, discounts, coupons and promotional codes. With them, you can always get additional benefits on purchases. Almost every online store has a free delivery service for an order – this is an additional benefit.

And for greater convenience, especially for readers of 7 Days, we have created a special selection of useful and relevant promotional codes for the period of quarantine.


By Yara

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