Darya Dontsova

Photo: Elizaveta Karpushkina

The writer decided to freshen up the interior of her home and went shopping at Tvoi Dom. Darya Dontsova set out to find the setting for an open veranda.

Daria Dontsova chose wicker furniture

Photo: Elizaveta Karpushkina

“It is very important that the furniture requires minimal maintenance and can withstand temperature changes, humidity, even snow. At the same time, I would like it to be cozy, ”says Daria.

The writer looked after herself in the country flower pots

Photo: Elizaveta Karpushkina

Fortunately, in the center there was exactly what Dontsova dreamed of. The choice of the writer fell on the combined furniture made of artificial wicker, with cozy soft pillows that can be removed and put away for the winter. “What you need,” Daria was delighted, “brought the pillows into the house, and you can leave the chairs to stand in the cold!”

Dontsova was also interested in flower pots. “I have already planted these pansies and put them along the path leading to the house. The pots turned out to be wonderful: they are not afraid of the cold and perfectly keep the heat – the plants do not freeze in them. This time I will buy a larger size – for wild grapes. The wall of the guest house is not decorated in any way, and I decided that climbing grapes would look great on it.


By Yara

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