Decorating the wall with photos: three ways

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Now most of the photos are stored on flash drives, in cloud storage and social networks – we have begun to forget about photo albums, film frames and printing pictures on paper. And yet, family photos, places you have been to, impressions left from this or that trip – all this can not only be on your phone in digital form, but also decorate your home.

To make such photos look stylish and modern, we have prepared for you some tips and parameters with which you can beat any room, adding personality to the design and making it more comfortable.

For a more harmonious combination of all decor elements, you should pay attention to three important conditions:

  • Color tones in the room;
  • The style in which the interior is decorated;
  • The specifics of the photos themselves.

With this in mind, we offer several simple and beautiful options for decorating the walls of your apartment using photographs.

moments of joy

One of the easiest and most effective ways to display your important photos is to hang them on a rope or garland using clothespins. This will create an atmosphere of comfort and celebration in the house.

This method will look more advantageous in the interior of the “loft” style, which does not accept excessive luxury and pretentiousness. The most commonly used materials are wood, brick and stone. This combination looks as simple as possible, but thereby gives the environment a certain charm.

With this design, photos in the style of “Polaroid” will look very successful. Most often these are pictures from a personal archive, where your friends and relatives are captured.
So you can place the maximum number of your favorite photos without overloading the overall view.

Favorite landscapes

If in the first option the focus was on a cluster of small photos, here we set one image as the main focus.

You can either print your photo in large size, or choose a picture you like on the Internet. The most important thing is that in the context of the interior, the canvas does not draw all the attention to itself, but at the same time remains the central element.

The interior with this design is preferable in neutral colors – light shades and the absence of bright details are welcome. Most suitable here are photographs within neutral colors with nature, animals and landscapes.

family archives

Pictures on your wall can be hung in a completely chaotic manner or assembled into a certain geometric composition. This option is suitable for rooms with a classic design style in soothing colors and will serve as the final accent in the design of the house.

Photos of relatives, significant moments in life, places you have been – all this wants to be framed and admired. So why not?

Here you can play with the texture, color and thickness of the photo frame, choose how to place them on the wall and add additional elements in the form of clocks, mirrors and other individual decor items.


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