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Ameretto briscotti, blond to match the famous Italian cookies with a golden crust, almonds and liquor, opened a new chapter this fall. What is this delicious hair color and why does it suit everyone?

Why did amaretto briscotti become a popular hair color?

“Unpainted blonde”, tea highlights, golden peach – the trend for naturalness rules the show this fall. Platinum shades, so popular for three seasons in a row, until there is a place on the stage, and they have to “watch” from the auditorium, waiting in the wings.

The covid wave washed away our creative ideas and dreams of bold experiments with the image. With the expectation that salons will once again be out of reach, girls want the most natural color results that can be easily maintained at home.

Amaretto briscotti cookies
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This is especially true of the blonde, because platinum, which was on the crest of the wave, is so obstinate. Sometimes, for some, ugly pigments on the “white canvas” appear so strongly that only salon toning can save the situation.

It is not surprising that the time has come for naturalness in coloring for blondes. This season’s palm stylists promise a shade of amaretto briscotti. It has all the most natural tones from golden to almond and copper, which recreate shine, volume and give the image warmth, which in turn visually rejuvenates.

Who is this coloring for?

Photo: instagram*

Photo: instagram*

This blonde will also play with porcelain dolls, but it will look best in the image of girls with a golden skin tone. Light brown and dark blond tones will serve as the basis for creating coloring, on which golden and copper accents will play.

How to maintain such coloring

Photo: instagram*

Photo: instagram*

Immediately after dyeing, start using special lines for tinted hair. To avoid the appearance of unsightly yellow or orange pigments, apply purple shampoo once a week for 3 minutes. In general, the staining of amaretto briscotti should last at least 3 months. It is after this period that you will need to go to the salon, provided, of course, if there is no gray hair.


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