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“Anna grew up in a country house, so she felt uncomfortable in a city apartment. She lacked space, nature, and the small old kitchen made her feel claustrophobic! Therefore, Anya almost did not appear there, and the food was prepared mainly by her husband Lyosha. That is why, the main task of the design project was to create a country atmosphere in the city kitchen, so that Anya fell in love with her kitchen and began to delight her husband with delicious dishes”, – says the designer of the show “Made with Taste” on TNT Irina Kuzina.

Kitchen before remodel

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1. A huge number of unnecessary things;

2. Inconvenient hanging cabinets that eat up space;

3. Lack of recreation area;

4. Unsafe forged street light;

5. Gloomy view from the window.


1. We pasted wallpaper for painting on the primed, double-coated walls. There was no doubt about choosing the color of the walls for a long time! We settled on one of the shades of yellow – lemon. Yellow is the color of the sun, it brings joy, warmth and increases appetite.

2. One of the main problems of the old kitchen was a hanging chandelier, against which Anya’s husband kept banging his head. We have solved this problem. They installed a stretch ceiling with built-in lights and decorated it with an image of chamomile. This is the main stylistic accent of the new kitchen, which emphasizes the main idea of ​​the design project – “to enrich urban cuisine with nature.”

The artificial stone countertop was extended to the window sill

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3. Specially for our project, non-standard furniture elements were made sofa and bottle. We decorated the sofa with a soft mattress and multi-colored pillows that support the natural range of the interior.

4. Country-style curtains were hung on the windows. They are 90% cotton and 10% synthetic. This fabric composition provides strength and ease of care.

5. We extended the artificial stone countertop to the window sill so that, finally, an extensive working area appeared in this kitchen.

6. The classic ivory extendable table fits perfectly into the rustic interior of the new kitchen.

Curtains in the style of “country”

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  • The less ceramic tiles in the kitchen decoration, the more comfortable it looks;
  • It is more pleasant to cook on countertops of light shades than on dark ones.
  • The working area should be 60-100 cm.

The classic ivory-colored extendable table fits perfectly into the rustic interior of the new kitchen.

Photo: TNT


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