Designer Olga Povarova

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Designer Olga Povarova:

“Looking at Oksana’s kitchen, I wanted to create a completely different room. The general style was suggested to me by the details: a Buddha figurine and an oriental-style mirror. The kitchen will be as sunny as Oksana. I know exactly what a cheerful hostess needs. As a designer, I want to work in different styles and directions, so for me such originality was a gift, and I did not fail to use it!”

Kitchen area – 9.98 sq m


1. The tiles on the walls and the slatted ceiling are reminiscent of the 90s.

2. The apartment is located on the first floor. The floor is always cold.

3. Sofa “corner”, which is uncomfortable to sit on.

4. Dark kitchen, windows facing north.

5. The doors on the kitchen set are broken off, non-working appliances.

6. Ventilation is not connected to the hood. Smells from the kitchen spread throughout the apartment


1. The walls will be free! Now no tiles and a layer of glue. Only decorative material! He lay down perfectly on uneven walls and visually leveled them.

2. Underneath the swiss vinyl floor we laid a fiberglass mesh with attached heating sections. The floor got warm.

3. We got rid of the old corner. Now every guest will be comfortable in this kitchen. Instead of a sofa and chairs – soft puffs and pillows. And a low round table with a tabletop decorated with an oriental pattern will easily unite Oksana’s many friends.

4. Several light scenarios appeared in the kitchen: top, side sconces and a floor lamp. In these cases, hand-assembled lamps were used, some of the plafonds were made of hand-typed colored glass, and some were made of transparent. The fourth group is the kitchen lighting – LED strip, which gives an even distribution of light over the entire surface of the countertop.

Design Ideas: Indian Style Kitchen

Photo: Provided by TNT channel

5. Kitchen furniture. From the very beginning, the facades were seen as a bright spot, but they could not be found. Therefore, we chose an ivory-coloured solid wood set and repainted it with glazing paints. Glazing is a technique for obtaining deep iridescent colors by applying translucent colors to the base color. On top of the blue primer, we applied an ultramarine azure.

6. We chose a light tabletop with “mirror” inclusions, reminiscent of mother-of-pearl inlay, typical for the countries of the East. The backsplash of the kitchen is made of tiles with a typical Eastern Mediterranean pattern.

Design Ideas: Indian Style Kitchen

Photo: Provided by TNT channel

7. There was a shelf-continuation of the tabletop, which can be used for various decor, typical for Moroccan interiors. The overall impression that a Moroccan-style interior should produce is originality. All the details can look like they just came from the hands of an artisan. Here we are – the upper open shelves are almost handmade and painted in bright sunny yellow.

8. The arch in the form of a pointed dome is a traditional element of the interiors of Marrakech. We assembled the arch from plywood sheets, on which the desired opening pattern was made using laser cutting and decorated with bulk plaster.

Design Ideas: Indian Style Kitchen

Photo: Provided by TNT channel

9. A decorative solution was the ceiling made of bamboo mats. Such material will allow you to avoid unnecessary costs for leveling the ceiling with various modern mixtures and give an ethnic atmosphere.

10. Part of the walls we deliberately made as if uneven and painted them bright blue. They began to resemble the walls of the “hut” of the southern countries.

Design Ideas: Indian Style Kitchen

Photo: Provided by TNT channel

11. No oriental fabulous interior can be imagined without fabric decor. In this project, red-orange curtains became a bright contrasting spot against the blue wall. We hung several brushes made of beads and glass beads on the cornice, fixing them at different heights. The arched opening was decorated with colored muslin with beads, which also visually delimits the space of the kitchen and the corridor.

12. The main accent of the interior was an overlay panel made of 8 mm plywood, in which an ornament was cut using laser cutting.

Design Ideas: Indian Style Kitchen

Photo: Provided by TNT channel

Designer Tips:

  • To hide the corrugated hose from the hood, build a plasterboard structure under the ceiling.
  • So that the battery does not stand out from the interior and does not spoil the overall look of the kitchen, paint it in the color of the wall.
  • You can always breathe life into an old kitchen set. Do not be afraid to paint the fronts in a bright color, leaving grooves from the bristles of the brush. Such items will create an ethnic atmosphere and comfort, this is already an exclusive thing, and not a subject of in-line industrial production.


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