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presenter Elena Usanova and designer Maria Zimnyaya turned an old kitchen into a tropic, as bright and free as a Brazilian carnival!

Kitchen area: 9 sq. m.

Designer: Maria Zimnyaya


1. Gray wallpaper with a birch print and dark green floor tiles.

2. Kitchen set with skewed facades.

3. Plastic dining table.

4. Ceiling made of polyurethane foam tiles, painted with gouache.

5. Broken hood that interferes with cooking.

6. Sofa-corner of an incomprehensible style with a worn and torn seat.

7. In the center of the window hangs an uncomfortable roll structure made of thin twigs, which the characters themselves call “pasta”, and along with it hangs either a tulle or a tablecloth.

“Kitchen in the style of Rio” in 10 steps:

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  1. We level the old walls. It is thanks to the putty that microcracks invisible to the eye on the plaster are eliminated. Then we paste over the walls with wallpaper for painting. For the new kitchen, the designer chose three colors – white, pistachio and rich yellow, reminiscent of mango pulp.
  2. We use a stretch ceiling, white with a matte surface. Lighting is quite simple – one large central ceiling lamp, shaped like a birdcage.
  3. For the flooring, we chose Verdun Maple quartz-vinyl laminate, which has a bright color and a texture similar to natural wood. We do the laying at 45 degrees to visually increase the floor area and add some dynamics to the interior. We install a new snow-white door, with a texture reminiscent of waves, which perfectly supports the theme of the tropics.
  4. The kitchen apron is made of glass mosaic laid on tile adhesive. The mosaic combines chips (squares) of three colors – light green, rich grass green and bright yellow. The mosaic was rubbed with dark green grout to make the apron look more contrasting. The height of the kitchen backsplash is not limited only by the gap between the countertop and the lower wall cabinets, we also used mosaics in the niche between the upper wall cabinets. Both niches are illuminated with LED strip, the lower illumination is working, and the upper one is decorative.
  5. Instead of the old broken hood, they mounted a new one. It is equipped with energy-saving halogen bulbs and operates silently.
  6. The facades of the lower tier of the kitchen with a panel, they are made of solid wood and protonated in a dark chocolate color. The upper cabinets of the headset are with a glossy surface, bright and juicy. Their color is called “papaya”, it is associated with tropical fruits and at the same time gives the feeling of bright orange sand in the sun.
  7. The sink was left in its original place, but increased in size and equipped with a convenient faucet. The design of the new faucet will allow you to fill even the tallest pots with water, and the parts that come into contact with water do not contain nickel and lead.
  8. The designer used a milk-colored countertop made of artificial stone, making it an unusual shape with a curved ledge. The window sill is also designed with the same radius protrusion. The screen for the radiator, the designer chose the colors of dark wood, almost the same tone as the kitchen facades.
  9. We decorate the window with pistachio-colored roller blinds with a special dirt-repellent impregnation. On the new cornice we hang cream curtains made of linen with upholstery fabric in the color of the sofa. The seat and back of the sofa are grass-colored, they are made of foam rubber, covered with dense upholstery fabric. Scattered across the sofa are bright cushions echoing all the colors used in the interior, as well as a large bright painting located above it. The sofa is assembled from kitchen cabinets sawn to the height of the drawers. The drawers are deep, and it is convenient to store kitchen utensils in them.
  10. A round glass table with a massive top is not only stylish, but also stable. And wicker chairs made of metal rod are combined with the foot of the table and headset accessories. Also visually, these chairs resemble outdoor wicker furniture, which is often used in summer cafes, for example, in hot countries like Brazil.

Kitchen before renovation

Photo: provided by TNT channel


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