Photo: Provided by the organizers of the event

Recently, Moscow hosted a celebration of art and design from the creative association “New Wanderers”. For one day, the objects of high art were … household appliances. At the event, hand-painted household appliances, as well as other works of artists, were exhibited. The guests of the exhibition were able to see the transition from “pure art” to design, in particular, the design of technology.

Photo: Provided by the organizers of the event

The event made it possible to expand the boundaries of ideas about art objects, because the highlight of the exhibition was household appliances used instead of canvas.

Photo: Provided by the organizers of the event

The exhibition was opened by Gennady Pravotorov, People’s Artist of Russia, academician, secretary of the Union of Artists of Russia. The exhibition was attended by prominent contemporary artists – both the “new Wanderers” and other outstanding masters who are not members of the creative association.

The goal pursued by the organizers of the exhibition was to establish a “bridge” between classical art and our everyday life. Today it is already clear that this is a paramount task for the popularizers of art.

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