In anticipation of the most fabulous holidays of the year, we create a New Year’s mood for ourselves and those around us: we decorate the Christmas tree, prepare gifts, create a special atmosphere in the apartment and in other rooms. We will tell you what decorations you can come up with and make for the New Year 2022.

You can create the mood of the New Year in advance, for example, while decorating an apartment, office, house, garden. Thinking through the decoration of the house, room, windows for the New Year is perhaps one of the most interesting and exciting stages of preparation for the holiday. We will introduce you to trends and life hacks that will help you in this pleasant process.

First, make a plan: write down what you plan to do and what you need to buy for this. It is quite possible to make many decor elements with your own hands, but also to attract children, and this will not take much time, but it will bring the whole family together.

But you need to prepare in advance so that everything you need is at hand. Not everything that designers advise can be applied, for example, in a small apartment, but there are many ideas that can be adopted.

If you have decided on the concept of decoration for the New Year 2022, then you need to think about exactly how and with what you will decorate each room, be it a house or an apartment. Ideally, all rooms should be united by a common color scheme and style, and festive design elements were combined with everyday decor.

When decorating the front door, you can use wreaths, garlands, ribbons – make them yourself or buy ready-made ones in the store. In the decoration of windows and ceilings, use garlands, LED strips, paper lanterns and snowflakes cut out of paper, and coniferous compositions with candles or small Christmas trees can be placed on window sills and tables. You can find interesting decor in your own pantry.

For example, an old candlestick or a vase, which will perfectly fit into your concept of New Year’s decoration of an apartment. Old Christmas decorations can be updated with glitter nail polish in any color you want and glitter. By the way, painting Christmas balls is a very exciting activity. You can buy transparent balloons without a pattern and apply any image. Such a toy will be an excellent author’s gift.

Scraps of burlap, checkered drape and felt will come in handy for eco-style decor, garlands in the form of flags can be made from Soviet postcards and colored paper, and the foam remaining from the packaging of household appliances will play the role of snow. If you have pets at home, it is better not to use it. Styrofoam, tinsel, New Year’s “rain”, once in the pet’s stomach, can cause him not only health problems, but also death.

You should not hang the same balls and tinsel every year, feel free to change the style of decorating your apartment, try new ideas that can be easily found on the Internet. Involve children in the New Year’s decoration of the apartment: kids make toys and cut out snowflakes, and teenagers can look for some ideas for decoration themselves.

The joint decoration of the apartment with the whole family will bring you even closer and give you many pleasant minutes, and for children it will become an exciting game and immersion in the atmosphere of a fairy tale.

For example, in Scandinavian, this is one of the most popular trends in interior design. There is even a whole concept: the Danish word “hygge” comes from the Swedish hugga, “to comfort”, and in English there is an analogue of hug – “hug”: a synonym for everything cozy, comfortable and safe.

Fashion for cozy interior decor comes from hygge. Scandinavians prefer light pastel shades and soft lighting, light candles even during the day and decorate the house with cute details that create coziness and comfort. And no pretentiousness – they should please you without being conspicuous. The basis of the Scandinavian style is cold tones with a few bright accents, wooden furniture with a minimum of processing, natural materials, restraint and harmony.

These can be toys made of wood, yarn, felt or other natural materials, ceramic dishes, wooden coasters and vases, you can also add dry branches to the decoration. A wreath on the door can be decorated with berries and cones, and do not forget about candles – they are relevant here, like in no other style. And also about deer figurines: in the form of embroidery on sofa cushions or just small decorations for a door or window.

Soviet style is suitable for everyone who is nostalgic for the era of the USSR. Style attributes: old postcards, heavy crystal, Soviet Christmas decorations, plastic Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden. We hang serpentine around the apartment, decorate the windows with snowflakes – the ones you cut out in your childhood at labor lessons.

You can turn on Soviet recordings on gramophone records for entourage. Table setting is indispensable without Soviet crockery, crystal, faceted glasses and decanters. Important details are a bowl of winter salad, a herring under a fur coat and a jellied meat in a bowl.

Country is a great option for a country house. It reminds a little of the Scandi style, but there is more warmth in the country. Natural materials are also used, but there are more colors and they are brighter: a lot of red, green, gold and silver.

The main accents are knitted toys for the Christmas tree, paper garlands and carved wood decorations, hand-made gingerbread cookies and gingerbread, fruits, berries, dried orange slices, coniferous bouquets, spruce twigs with cones, berries and textile ribbons.

Let the tablecloth or napkins for the New Year’s table be checkered, and the dishes – wooden or handmade. Such a New Year is unthinkable without Santa Claus. Turn on the song “The Holiday is Coming to Us” and feel the beauty of the Christmas atmosphere in country style.

Experiment, create, dare – and you will definitely find your own unique style of decorating a house or apartment for the New Year 2022.


By Yara

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