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Everyone is used to celebrities having perfect hair because they wear wigs like Rihanna and Naomi Campbellor doing extensions like J. Lo and Kim Kardashian.

Lady Gaga, as it turned out, does not follow stereotypes. She, according to stylists, has everything natural. It’s hard to believe, because Gaga often changes her looks, and with them the color of her hair, which cannot but affect their quality.

Frederic Aspiras, the personal hairdresser of the “Queen of Monsters”, revealed the secret of how the singer managed to keep her hair alive, despite the fact that she “beats” their health with enviable regularity. For this you need:

Gently cleanse your hair

To keep the hair alive, Aspiras has long prescribed» Gaga wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoos and be sure to periodically use a course of restorative hair lines.

Gently brush them

Very often we damage our hair during brushing: we actually tear and break it when we detangle it. And this, in turn, can lead to hair loss.

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Therefore, Frederic recommends brushes with double natural bristles that do not harm the strands. And he warns that it is better not to comb your hair many times during the day, so as not to distribute sebum over the strands, otherwise by the evening they will turn into icicles.

Apply oils

Aspiras is a fan of oils, he believes that this is the best elixir for hair. His favorite cocktail is made from coconut, olive and lavender oils. He recommends using it at night as a mask under a handkerchief, instead of a balm or pre-shampoo. That is, apply to hair before washing to protect them from the negative effects of tap water.


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