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Meghan Markle an excellent figure, which she additionally corrects with properly selected clothes: she does not focus on a rather wide waist, but emphasizes slender hips, thin ankles and graceful wrists. Proper nutrition helps to stay such a thin 36-year-old star: Megan does not follow a clear diet, but eats properly and, most importantly, tastefully.

How do we know this? The fact is that before her romance with Prince Harry, the actress was a rather open person: she willingly communicated with journalists, shared the details of her life, life hacks about beauty and nutrition, and gave many interviews. Now that Markle has found herself almost completely closed to communication, these conversations with reporters have become a real mine of information about her. Thanks to them, we know, for example, what her daily menu usually consists of. Here are examples of simple and delicious dishes from Megan, which are always in her diet.

For breakfast duchess prefers coarse oatmeal with agave syrup and banana this, according to her, is very tasty and perfectly energizes for half a day. And given that during the filming of the series “Force Majeure”, the former actress got up at 4.15 in the morning, she needed a lot of energy before lunch.

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At lunch Markle eats a plate salad with chicken or salmonto add protein to the diet. For dessert, a celebrity allows himself an apple with almond butter.

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For dinner the duchess does not deny herself pasta: she prefers zucchini pasta topped with parmesan. In one of her interviews, Megan shared an interesting recipe zucchini sauce for pasta: she adds a little water and broth to the chopped young zucchini and simmers the vegetable over very low heat for four to five hours. As a result, the zucchini turns into a thick paste, which can be seasoned with your favorite pasta. “This sauce is so creamy, creamy that it will seem to you as if it has a ton of butter or vegetable oil. Although it is absolutely dietary,” the star said.

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As a snack Megan prefers almonds, the same apples with almond butter or green juice. By the way, she often replaces coffee with the latter, because she believes that it energizes perfectly.

Interestingly, Markle some time ago refused products containing gluten: the celebrity is sure that after that her skin became much smoother and cleaner.


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