There is an opinion that living “environmentally” is not a cheap pleasure. Indeed, organic cosmetics, products, household chemicals and textiles can cost more than usual. But in the long run, their cost will justify itself – things will be more pleasant to the touch and last longer, cosmetics and cleaning products will not cause allergies and health problems, and the value of environmentally friendly products is completely obvious. In addition, an ecological lifestyle is not only conscious purchases, but also the rational use of resources and, in general, a respectful attitude towards nature and the planet. Start small, and very soon responsible consumption will not cause any discomfort, questions or problems.

The rules of an ecological lifestyle are simple and clear. Starting a project, planning purchases or using the various benefits of civilization, it is worth considering – how will this affect nature? Do I need this right now? What will happen to a beautiful package that will last no more than 5 minutes, a fashionable gadget, an out-of-fashion trend item? Fortunately, these questions are already being asked by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. And we will tell you the rules of an ecological, healthy lifestyle.

Huge containers, where a variety of wastes are dumped and mixed, from potato peels to plastic containers, are becoming a thing of the past – however, so far only in large cities of Russia. The whole world does not throw them away thoughtlessly – after all, garbage can not only decompose (or, on the contrary, not decompose, which is even worse) and pollute the environment, but also turn into energy or secondary raw materials. You can recycle cardboard, paper, glass and plastic bottles, batteries and even textiles. Many large shopping centers organize the collection of waste for recycling: they accept caps from plastic bottles, batteries, gadgets, old clothes and shoes, and in return you can get not only moral satisfaction, but also, for example, a discount coupon, certificate or other useful thing . Sorting garbage at home is not difficult: after all, we are not talking about organic waste, which causes an odor during storage. Plastic, glass, paper can be collected and stored for an unlimited amount of time.

Gadgets and batteries contain a lot of heavy metals and other toxic substances, not to mention plastic. It is especially important to properly dispose of them, because when they end up in a landfill, they radically poison the soil and groundwater. In Russia, there are special factories involved in the processing of electronic waste, and in almost all Russian cities you can find special containers for their collection. Also, gadgets and batteries are often collected by volunteers – follow eco-festivals and promotions. By the way, mercury lamps, although they are rare today, are also especially hazardous waste, and they also do not belong in a landfill.

Buying and selling things in the secondary market is not a sign of poverty at all. It’s not embarrassing, but fashionable and modern. When arranging the next cleaning, do not rush to part with the old TV, sneakers from the last collection, or children’s ice cubes. It is possible that your things will serve faithfully to other people. You do not want to sell, because sometimes it takes a long time – give it away for free or for a chocolate bar. You will see, people will be grateful to you!

Well, if you are in search of some thing, look at Yulu or Avito – it is quite possible that you will find it for symbolic money and in a new condition. By the way, the secondary market exists not only in the field of clothing, footwear and household appliances – on many sites you can buy perfumes or cosmetics that do not fit. For example, on the Beautybazar platform there are several hundred thousand ads, among which everything is possible: from a niche rare fragrance to cosmeceuticals.

Things made from recycled materials are an absolute trend all over the world. Giant retailers, world-famous brands have been producing such collections for a long time. If you can’t afford Stella McCartney or Gucci, then check out Nike, H&M and Adidas. They use a wide variety of materials to create their collections, from plastic bottles collected from the ocean to former rubber flooring from gyms – it is great for molding the soles of sports shoes.

Remember everything your mother taught you. Turn off the lights when you don’t need them, turn off the faucet when you’re not using water – for example, when brushing your teeth, you can do just fine with a glass of water. Switch on the washing machine and dishwasher only when fully loaded, do not use long washing and washing programs if this is not necessary. Don’t throw away food unless it’s spoiled, and don’t spend a lot of time bathing and showering. Everyone can do all of the above, no special efforts are required for this.

Zero Waste is a zero waste philosophy designed to minimize the generation of waste. To do this, use products with a long shelf life, refuse plastic bags and disposable tableware. Do not buy things impulsively, just to cheer yourself up. Do not update gadgets and household appliances unnecessarily. Realize that there is a huge army of marketers working for retail, the purpose of which is to convince you that you need this thing, although in reality you may not need it. It is better to plan purchases in advance, and go to stores with a clear list. In addition to helping the planet, at the same time you can significantly save the budget.

An ecological lifestyle is not only a social responsibility. Look positively at the world, and every day make it a little better, setting an example for others – you will see how qualitatively, for the better, your life will change.


By Yara

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