Home renovation Helena the Flying went to the finish line. The TV presenter has already refreshed the walls, floor and ceiling and is now selecting furniture for the updated home. Today the star had a busy day – she was looking for a kitchen wall.

Having gone around several stores, Letuchaya opted for a snow-white stylish headset. The star of “Revizorro” decided not to make custom-made furniture, guided by the fact that it would take too long, but took it immediately ready. “All the interiors of this store are a ready-made solution, and this makes me happy,” Lena shares. “You pick it up right away, you don’t need a designer, you don’t need to wait for an order, you pick it up and immediately deliver it.”

The TV presenter’s haste is understandable – after all, Lena’s wedding is very soon. Every woman wants to refresh her home before starting a married life – to build a cozy family nest.

Recall that Elena and her chosen one, Yuri Anashenkov, plan to get married at the end of summer. They have already chosen several places that are suitable for their wedding, but have not yet decided exactly. The most important thing that the future spouses agree on is that they do not want excessive hype about their marriage, so, most likely, that she got married, Elena will notify her fans after the wedding takes place.


By Yara

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