It is no secret that in the Soviet Union sometimes there were problems with certain goods. What tricks the stars had to go to in order to equip their homes. So, Marina Vladi carried building materials for the house Vladimir Vysotsky from Paris. BUT Elena Obraztsova I carried kitchen tiles in my hand luggage for over a year.

“When I first came to Elena Vasilyevna’s dacha, I noticed the tile with funny cockerels that lined the kitchen. In the early eighties, there were only two types of tiles in domestic stores: gray and white. During the next foreign tour, the prima donna of the world opera looked after these same cockerels in the construction market, ”said Natalia Ignatenko, a friend of the actress, in an exclusive interview with the Caravan of Stories Collection magazine.

In the subject: Elena Obraztsova misbehaved on her anniversary

But how do you take her home? In the luggage at that time it was possible to take no more than twenty kilograms, for overload – an additional payment that Elena Vasilievna could not afford. So Exemplary had to carry tiles in hand luggage.

“She stuffed two packages (ten kilograms each!) into her bag and walked past the customs officers as if there was only a book and a cosmetic bag: easily, naturally, except that she didn’t wave it while walking. So for a year and a half in the kitchen and manure, ”Ignatenko recalled. Read more>>


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