Elena Volatile told about her favorite skin care products
Photo: Faberlic

The other day on the 90th floor of the tower Federation» Moscow City presented a new collection of anti-aging products Expert Skin Activator, Faberlic. The special guest of the event was Elena Letuchaya, who told why she loves this scale. The system is three-stage and is suitable for women from 30 years old. The line with peptides and hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights is designed for 84 days of use: the first 24 days you need to use the products in blue bottles, then use the same amount of products in white bottles and complete the program with a formula from red bottles. What is their difference?

New skin care program Expert Skin Activator, Faberlic
Photo: Faberlic

First stage prepares the skin for active repair and frees it from damaged proteins this is a real detox course for the cells. On the second stage the skin restores elasticity due to the action of the Syn-Up peptide complex and the Novaftem O2 oxygen complex. Third stage it’s a powerful lifting recovery thanks to the even more active Syn-tacks peptide complex and the compacting Lakesis complex. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid penetrates into the deep layers of the skin and saturates it with moisture, while the oxygen complex ensures a more efficient delivery of all useful components to the skin cells.

The program is already available for order in Faberlic catalogs.


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