Evelina Khromtchenko in a coat by designer Victoria Andreyanova
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On the eve of his next master class, which will be held on March 2 in the GUM Demo hall, a fashion expert Evelina Khromtchenko met with our correspondent to discuss a very important topic that worries any woman.

– Evelina, of course, everyone is interested in the trendy colors of the season. But it is even more important to understand which of them can really decorate our ladies. Learn how to make the right choice.

– Firstly, all colors must be selected individually. And if you saw some stunning coat on Kate Middleton on TV or on the Internet, does not mean that it will suit you.

For example, the “Marsala” shade, which has been fashionable for several seasons, a rich raspberry color, as well as a shade of currant marshmallow, which are in trend today. For some reason, Russian women are terribly fond of them. But for a typical woman from the middle lane with a grayish tint of hair, with very pale skin, with light eyes (gray or blue), these shades are categorically not suitable. They kill them.

Kate Middleton
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– But Monica Bellucci wears a marsala shade…

Monica Bellucci
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– Naturally. She is a typical Italian, dark-haired woman, she has dark brown eyes. Of course, this shade really suits her. Even significantly more than pure red, which in her case looks extremely vulgar. After all, she is not only dark-haired, dark-eyed, but also a very embossed woman, with draft forms. And on it, red, especially shiny, looks, in my opinion, defiantly.

— Let’s talk about specific colors using the examples of stars. All shades of gold are in fashion. Here is the wife Johnny Depp Amber Heard chose such a brilliant dress for one of the outings. You like?

Amber Heard
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– Completely. This is a very light gold, it is generally suitable for all women: blondes, brunettes, and brown-haired women. With any color of eyes and skin. I advise you to remember this universal shade.

– Today, many beauties go out in gold. For example, Lea Seydouxwho starred in the film Spectrum 007, and British actress Hannah Davis…

Lea Seydoux
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These are good options too. You see, gold dresses are really in vogue today. Especially from such a shiny fabric, reminiscent of a candy wrapper. This shade is absolutely not dangerous for any color of hair, skin and eyes.

Hannah Davis
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— U Lea Seydoux, by the way, the same shade of hair that I was talking about: a blonde with a silver-gray component. Like many women in Russia.

Lea Seydoux
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“Nevertheless, she chose a bright red outfit. Yes, and matching lipstick. This is a classic combination. In ordinary life, the average woman does not have to do this at all. But Lea is an actress, and she is bound to please the masses. The public perceives well the classic red on the lips and on the dress in the same shades.

— Such an exotic green appeared in the collections of modern designers…

Naomie Harris
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– That’s just the color the actress shows us Naomie Harris. But notice, she has a beautiful chocolate skin tone. Therefore, quite bright colors suit her, juicy and very exotic. But for light-eyed and fair-haired Russian women, I would still recommend other shades of green. For example, emerald. Exotic green will kill them, creating a bad complexion and a downright sickly look.

Eva Longoria
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— I am often asked if there are safe colors? There is! For example, white. You just need to choose the right shade. In white, which will be very popular in the upcoming spring-summer season, many stars began to appear. Here are some great examples: Penelope Cruz and Eva Longoria. And designers today are making more and more evening dresses white or very light. And I think it looks great.

Penelope Cruz
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