RIA Rating analysts found out how much Russian residents spend on average on utility bills. The data was collected at the end of 2021. It turned out that in each region the amounts differ, and significantly.

According to the rating, utilities cost the most to Muscovites – 10,366 rubles per month. In the share of consumer spending of capital residents, this is slightly more than 10%. On the second and third place – Kamchatka and Magadan regions. Their inhabitants pay 9,919 rubles and 9,891 rubles for electricity, water and heating, respectively. At the same time, in Kamchatka, the share of expenses for “communal” is the largest – 14.2%.

The least people spend on electricity, water and heating in the Republic of Kalmykia. There, an average of 3,256 rubles is spent per month, which is approximately 8% of the share of consumer spending. The top 3 “cheapest” regions included the republics of Chuvash and Dagestan with 3,384 and 3,556 rubles, respectively. And the share of expenses of the average family “communal” in these regions is 11.4 and 5.6%.

At the same time, in about half of the regions, Russians’ spending on utilities increased. The growth ranges from 0.1 in Altai, in the Kurgan and Tyumen regions to 2.4 in Karelia. There are also regions and republics in which residents began to spend less. Among them, for example, the Nizhny Novgorod region – minus 2.6, as well as the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug with minus 3.1.

Earlier it became known that from September 1, a new government decree came into force, according to which utility bills in apartment buildings will be paid according to a new scheme. Also in the summer there was a proposal to divide all the services of management companies into three groups – economy, comfort and premium, and allow residents to choose their own tariff.


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