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Nutritionists have long noticed that fasting once a week not only helps to speed up the metabolism, but also to cope with a number of skin problems, including atopic dermatitis and eczema. On the day of complete unloading, we do not litter the body with toxins, because not all people are healthy, right? Such discharge is very useful for all our organs and systems, but it is possible in the absence of a number of diseases, of course.

By analogy with nutritionists, Korean beauty experts decided to speak. Among them is Coco Hoyashi. According to the doctor’s theory, our skin should “fast” once a week. That is, on this day, we do not need to wash ourselves and apply creams / serums on the face. According to Koko, taking care of the skin too carefully, we overdry it, make it lazy, it stops producing enough nutrients, especially self-moisturizing oils. Therefore, we get a number of problems – from rashes to eczema.

Detox, in turn, will help to cope with this. As a result of “starvation”, as Hoyashi says, oily skin, which we constantly overdry, will stop “suffering” from acne, dry from peeling and redness, and for a normal dermis, “fasting” is generally useful, it will rest from chemistry and preservatives in products.

True, dermato-cosmetologists are categorically opposed to Koko’s statements, they believe that his theory is lame. After all, each type of skin, especially in the metropolis, where the air is constantly dry in the premises, needs moisturizing, and everyone needs SPF protection. Solar UVA rays strike at the deep layers of the dermis, causing bad changes in cells at any time of the year.

Excessive skin care can really hurt, but only if it is not properly selected. When rashes appear after creams, a burning sensation occurs from the wash, and the serum rolls off the face, it is better to go to the beautician and choose a competent “menu” specifically for your skin, and not test all the new items that have appeared in stores on yourself.

Have you ever practiced fasting? for skin?


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