Sydney City

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FGC Group of Companies announces the creation of a public collection, which will feature works of art by key contemporary Russian artists. The exhibition of works, which at the first stage will be located in the sales office of the Sydney City Residential Complex, can be visited by anyone.

The main idea in the positioning and development of the Sydney City Residential Complex project is the philosophy of well-being. This concept means not only physical health or material wealth, but also emotional, psychological and social well-being. Within the framework of this concept, both an aesthetic and functional space and a cultural environment filled with art objects are created.

“We see a need among our business class audience not only for quality housing, but also for additional meanings, added cultural value. This creates the prerequisites for the formation of a trend towards art integration and the development of public spaces through art. By the way, in the West, developers are required to allocate 1% of the object’s budget for these purposes. From a business point of view, this approach helps to create a product with a recognizable style, which makes it more attractive to buyers and, accordingly, increases liquidity. This margin can reach 20%,

He speaks
Petr KirillovskyDirector of Product Development Department, FGC Group of Companies.

The exhibition will be curated by an invited art historian.
Olga Pogasovawhich specializes in the development of art projects for public spaces and has extensive experience in the field of contemporary art not only in Russia but also abroad.

Sydney City

Photo: provided by the Press Service

“Today, art is becoming an integral part of our everyday life: public art on the main streets of the city, exhibitions for which we are ready to plan holidays. People have always needed some subtle materials to feel the fullness of life and their own well-being. In the art space of the Sydney City Residential Complex, famous Russian artists will offer the audience their vision of the theme of well-being and will give people the opportunity to meet the beautiful already on the threshold of their own apartment”,

Olga Pogasova.

As part of the development of the project, FGC Group of Companies is working to create public art objects in the park and in public spaces of the residential complex under construction.

“Our public art space will become a point of attraction not only for residents of SydneyCity. The exposition can be included in the list of attractions of the location along with the unique Dutch ponds of the Krasnaya Presnya park, the magnificent Shelepikhinskaya embankment and many other interesting places that made up the Moscow River Embankments walking route. Recall that we launched the project “Walking routes from FGC and RUSSPASS” together with a popular digital travel service in July this year”,

– thinks Petr Kirillovsky.


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