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How they do it in films: the heroine wakes up in the morning fresh and rested, no swelling, bruising, creases on her face. In ordinary life, you often open your eyes early in the morning, look in the mirror and think: “Woman, I don’t know you, but I’ll comb your hair.” It seems that all problems with the face – from wrinkles to edema, occur precisely in a dream, and not from lack of sleep. So why not sleep at all?

Cosmetologists say that getting enough sleep is a guarantee of beauty and health, because it is at night that the skin is actively renewed and “recharges batteries”. You just need to go to the side with the support of a competent arsenal of care products, and it will not be superfluous to do a number of “shamanic” procedures at night. How to wake up beautiful, she told us Marina Kulbaeva, dermatovenereologist, dermatocosmetologist, Remedy Lab clinic.

How is night care different from day care?

Photo: freerangestock

If the daily “diet” of our skin includes products that are aimed at protecting and moisturizing it. Then in the night “menu” there should be products that help the dermis to restore strength, compensate for losses, patch up damage and nourish it.

Therefore, purchase creams marked “night care”. Unlike daytime products, they contain powerful components that restore cells and tissues (these can be special peptide formulas, collagen complexes, hyaluronic acid, vitamins), antioxidants. The latter help fight free radicals (their action activates the sun, the environment), which cause premature skin aging.

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1. Cream for the face and neck Intensive “Health Quartet”. 2. Revitalizing eye cream PhFormula. 3. Synchronizing Night Serum Recovery Complex II Advanced Repair Estee Lauder. 4. Night dream mask Belle De Jour Kenzoki. 5. Night anti-aging mask “Revitalift Filler” L’Oreal Paris.

It is at night that you should use products containing retinol and various types of acids (except hyaluronic), as they increase the skin’s susceptibility to the sun.

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1. Water Fuse Dr.Jart+ Intensely Hydrating Night Mask. 2. Intensively regenerating night cream Experalta Platinum. 3. Moisture Surge Overnight Mask Clinique. 4. Night moisturizing mask “O’Termal” Uriage. 5. Night mask-capsule POWER 10 FORMULA It’s skin.

Also, do not lose sight of the nightly indelible masks. They contain more nutrients that penetrate the skin better and last longer. Such masks are recommended to be done once or twice a week, although beauty gurus do not prohibit the use of masks every day, especially if the skin is very dry and damaged.

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1. Night mist L’EAU DE NUIT RIVOLI. 2. Anti-aging cream-gel with retinol Retiage Sesderma. 3. Vichy Slow Age Revitalizing Night Cream and Mask. 4. Patchology Eye Contour Overnight Gel Revitalizing Patches.

Do not forget to apply at night and eye cream. This will help you avoid creases, swelling and bruising in the morning. Unlike the face, the eyes do not need a special night cream, you can use the same product as during the day, the main thing is that it does not contain tinting pigments.

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1. VINOPERFECT Caudalie Hydrating Night Cream with Glycolic Acid. 2. Belif First Aid Overnight brightening mask. 3. SWISS IMAGE anti-wrinkle night cream. 4. Regenerating serum (40+) Regenerative Serum Noni Care.

How many times have we told the world, but we will repeat it anyway: at night, do not forget to wash off your makeup and thoroughly cleanse your skin. After all, it is important to wash off not only makeup, but also dust, toxins that fly from the environment and settle on our face during the day.

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1. Phy-mongshe No. 9 Night Skin Renewal Peeling Cream. 2. Night steam face mask with snail mucus filtrate Seantree Snail Steam Sleeping. 3. Mask-patch “Nutrition and rejuvenation” Black pearl. 4. Night Complex Anti-Age PRO Time Release System Night Care Mavala.

Remove makeup with milk, micellar water or oil (depending on skin type), then wash with a product that is suitable for your dermis, then wipe the skin with lotion to clean it up, and only then apply cream.

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1. Weleda Pomegranate Lifting Day Cream. 2. Night anti-aging care “Intensive Rejuvenation 55+” Garnier. 3. Night cream Sleep & Lift FILORGA. 4. Anti-aging night cream for the face, neck and décolleté Liftage Cr?me De Nuit Anti-Age Lysedia.

Cosmetologists advise applying products immediately after a bath or shower, while the skin is steamed and the pores are open, so the beneficial components will penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. It is best to apply the cream not immediately before burying your face in the pillow, but at least half an hour before bedtime, so that it has time to be absorbed.

What procedures to do at night


Since we have the most time in the evening hours and we are not in a hurry, this is the X moment when you can in good conscience treat yourself to a facial spa. And this means doing a peeling, a mask, using newfangled gadgets for cleansing or massage.

Although our expert believes that the morning hours are intended for massage, especially lymphatic drainage. After all, it starts the working rhythm in the skin, removes puffiness, improves microcirculation, complexion and, in general, helps to look well-rested.


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