We tried on Paulina Andreeva looks from the Dior autumn collection

This fall, the leading fashion houses remembered the technique of patchwork. At first glance, the trend is controversial – it refers us to cozy home bedspreads and is in no way associated with fashion. And it has its own chic. Such outfits are ideal for multifaceted personalities and reflect their interest in everything new and unusual. Armed with photoshop and photos from the Dior show, we tried on Dior looks for Paulina Andreeva, and outfits from the Missoni autumn collection for Lena Temnikova.

On Lena Temnikova, we tried on images from the autumn collection of Missoni

Another interesting trend is shawl patchwork, that is, when not only multi-colored fabrics are taken as the basis, but also prints characteristic of shawls. We tried this trend on Polina Gagarina, armed with images from Tory Burch, Gucci and Richard Quinn shows.

For Polina Gagarina, we tried on images from the collections of Tory Burch, Gucci and Richard Quinn


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