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A fragrant wardrobe, like clothes, must be carefully selected. Among perfumery dresses there are daytime and evening ones. In the morning, we advise you to give preference to lighter flowing perfumes so that they do not irritate others (especially in the office), do not cause headaches for allergy sufferers and migraine sufferers. But by the evening you can go all out, but within reasonable limits.

What fragrances are best for a party, presentation, romantic date, she told us Ekaterina Matantseva, founder of the MI&KO organic cosmetics brand, aromadiagnostician.

How are evening fragrances different from daytime ones?

The task of daytime fragrances is to tone you up, but not to enrage those around you. So set aside such a trendy perfume with oud, voluptuous with vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood.

They tune in to vigorous activity, help to concentrate, increase efficiency, improve memory, and make you more attractive in the eyes of others during the daytime notes of sage, cloves, mint, cinnamon, citrus fruits, light floral notes (rose, lilac), apples, berries (currant , raspberry)

Evening aromas should relax, while at the same time positioning for close communication with you. Such properties are possessed by jasmine, bergamot, cedar, ylang-ylang, rose, lily, lavender.

Fragrances for a romantic date

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A romantic date is a time when you communicate, but do not immediately want to rip off each other’s clothes. Therefore, you need a perfume that will make you more seductive, but not turn you into an aggressively sexual object.

1. Eau de Parfum Ame Toscane Intense ID. 2. Eau de Parfum Terre de lumiere gold L’Occitane. 3. Guilty Love Edition Femme Gucci. 4. Perfume Carven Le Parfum. 5. Crazy Hot Kilian fragrance.

They will reveal your inner queen ylang-ylang, vanilla (this is the case when a perfume with this chord is worth getting out of the closet), jasmine.

Fragrances for evening outings

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If you are going to the theater, to a presentation, a corporate event, then the fragrance should become a continuation of your outfit, frame you, make you noticeable and bring you to the fore. This does not mean that you need to choose a super-sweet perfume and douse it from head to toe. So you, of course, will become noticeable, but you will be annoying.

1. DaliA More Salvador Dali fragrance. 2. Perfume The Only One Eau de Parfum Intense Dolce&Gabbana. 3. Aromat Le Parfum Essentiel Elie Saab.

Choose fragrances with notes that are conducive to communication, add zest to the image, turn into a woman of mystery. Notes of patchouli, rose, oddly enough citrus, chords of coffee, lavender have such magic.

Flavors for a hot night with your loved one

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To increase the degree of sexual desire, the ancients advised using aromatic oils with ylang-ylang, patchouli. To enhance sensual pleasure, it was recommended to apply vanilla.

1. IGO Issey Miyake fragrance. 2. Perfume nomade Absolu de Parfume Chloe. 3. Good Girl Carolina Herrera fragrance. 4. Perfume Splendida Jasmine Noir BVLGARI. 5. The scent of L’Ambre des Merveilles Hermes.

And to drive a man crazy, use perfumes with notes of lavender, orange blossom, jasmine, spices (cinnamon, musk, sandalwood), tuberose. All of these aromatic components stimulate a rush of blood to the genitals, and make you a real prey in the eyes of your man.


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