Fragrances for smokers
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We are not going to talk about the fact that smoking is an addiction. “Hooked” on nicotine deep down and so everyone knows. In addition to the obvious health problems, the “bonus” cigarettes give an unpleasant smell, like from an overflowing ashtray, which settles on the skin and hair. Moreover, this amber seems to cover any perfume aromas.

But it only seems. There are perfumes that use the smell of tobacco for their own purposes, namely, they are built into it and enhance their composition, blocking the smell of an ashtray with a rich aroma.

Angelina Kulikova, YouTerra brand founder, aromatherapist, holistic psychologist shared the secret of how to choose perfumes for smokers so that no one would guess that these people smoke.

How to choose a fragrance by notes

Fragrances for smokers
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If you are a smoker, then you need to choose a perfume composition based on what you want from the fragrance. Depending on the combination of notes, it can hide the flair of tobacco, enhance the tobacco note or take it to the background, or even to the third plan.

Notes that emphasize the smell of tobacco

We change the smell of an ashtray to the aroma of an expensive cigar club of old England. Amber of whiskey, expensive tobacco and floral-woody perfumes hovered there.

This atmosphere is imitated by perfumes with a direct hint of tobacco. It is isolated from tobacco leaves, often mixed with a note of cocoa and tea. It has such a sweet and tart smell. It can often be found in a duet with a cognac accord. Expensive cognac smells like chocolate, flowers and herbs. It is this intoxicating strong symphony that embodies notes of citrus fruits, directly chocolate and flowers, most often violets. It turns out such a sweetish-bitter amber.

This group of notes builds over the tobacco, does not cover it, but absorbs the unpleasant smell. Replacing it with an expensive and intoxicating one.

Emphasize notes of tobacco and eliminate unpleasant cigarette amber, vanilla, benzoin, leather, moss, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli.

Notes that deceive the smell of tobacco

If you want a cloud of cigarette smoke that doesn’t neutralize the perfume for as long as possible, fragrances with persistent notes are for you.

Woody-leather chords are capable of replaying tobacco amber – this is the beloved oud, heliotrope, tonka bean, vetiver, patchouli. On the same front, coniferous notes work well – fir, eucalyptus.

Cooling notes

Fragrances for smokers
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The so-called cold notes in the aroma “cool the ardor” of cigarette smoke. They neutralize the “nasty” smell, and, as if by magic, make the tobacco tasty and attractive. Fennel, anise, mint, cypress, juniper, cardamom, coriander transform heavy cigarette smell into light freshness.

Strengthening notes

There are notes that directly enhance the tobacco smell, bring to the fore, but suppress the flair of the ashtray. They make the fragrance expensive floral-woody. Notes of white flowers have this ability: ylang-ylang, gardenia, lily of the valley, tuberose, jasmine. And tobacco is also transformed by rose, rosewood, magnolia.

citrus notes

There are still disputes between experts whether it is worth buying citrus flavors for smokers, because tobacco can easily “eat” them. In fact, such perfumes can settle on a smoker’s shelf, but when choosing, you need to show a little trick. In the filling of perfume, look for bright notes like mandarin, grapefruit, petitgrain (for women), bergamot, orange, litsea (for men) in the company of coniferous or cold spice notes. Then tobacco will not be able to neutralize citrus fruits and will go by the wayside.

New flavors for smokers

Fragrances for smokers

In this collection you will find the newest fragrances that can easily neutralize or play with the smell of tobacco.

Feu Patchouli Maison Rebatchi Eau de Parfum

A mysterious fragrance that will add a flair of mystery to the image. Patchouli, dominating the perfume, surrounded by cloves, cinnamon, bergamot, citron, pink pepper will weaken the notes of tobacco and beat it. The fragrance fits into the image of men, turning into a true gentleman, and women, adding mystery.

Fragrance Le Gemme Kobraa & Le Gemme Erea Bvlgari

An elegant gentleman in a bottle: a three-piece suit, a hat and a cigar – this associative array is evoked by the composition of notes of incense, amber, woody oud, geranium.

Eau de Parfum (212)RED VIP Rose Carolina Herrera

Despite the fact that the fragrance comes with the mark “for her”, it perfectly “sits down” on men. Fleur of raspberry liqueur, essence of Bulgarian rose, spicy spices and woody accords – an excellent perfume set for ladies and gentlemen.

Eau de Parfum for Women J’ose Eisinberg

The creators of this perfume water believe that sometimes a little masculinity and audacity can be added to the image of a girl. This is what chords of mocha coffee, jasmine and tobacco do.

Intoxicated Kilian

The aroma of coffee perfectly complements cigarettes. It is this drink that inspired the fragrance Intoxicated. Notes of mocha, cardamom, vanilla recreate the flair of Turkish black coffee.

L’interdit eau de parfum intense Givenchy

This fragrance is like a three piece suit – black (look at the bottle), elegant, timeless. Vanilla bean, tonka bean, patchouli, vetiver, tuberose suppress the smell of tobacco and come to the fore.

Perfume Narciso Ambree Narcisco Rodrigues

Amber, vanilla, musk, ylang-ylang, cedar enhance the tobacco note, make the fragrance expensive, and neutralize the smell of cigarettes.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla

Spicy, sweet with notes of tobacco, spices and dry fruit flair will suit both men and women.

Eau de Parfum Mon Rouge Yves Rocher

Not perfume, but captivating nectar, on which many men will flock. The filling of the fragrance contains bright chords of neroli, iris, patchouli. A real feminine perfume.


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