On December 31, we all have one tradition, no, no, we don’t go to the bathhouse and don’t even watch The Irony of Fate. On New Year’s Eve, we all become a little children: we believe in miracles, in Santa Claus, and that with the twelfth stroke of the chimes, our life will change dramatically. On such a wonderful night there should be no time for sleep, but the eyes begin to treacherously stick together after an hour of the feast, or even earlier. How to deal with drowsiness? How not to fall asleep on New Year’s Eve? Spoiler: a large amount of coffee and energy drinks will not help, but rather attract the desire to relax. We start preparing for the holidays in advance.

There are a few rules to follow in advance. Despite the fact that the last week of December can be safely called the “week of corporate events and deadlines”, try to get enough sleep, eat and walk on time.

Make sure you get eight hours of sleep every day. At the same time, do not go to bed late, go to bed at your usual time, and in the morning – get up on the alarm clock. The most important thing is to follow the rule of “eight hours for sleep.” Ideally, if you can take a nap for a while and during the day. So you will give your body the opportunity to rest, gain strength, which means that on December 31 you will not fall down from fatigue.

It is better to make a list of necessary things at the beginning of December, write to whom and what gifts you are going to buy, sign up for beauty treatments, choose a company in which you will celebrate the holiday, outfit, take care of the menu and purchase products. Let it be not just empty words, start planning for December 1st. Otherwise, many things will fall out for you just for the already busy last week. As a result: fatigue, drowsiness, spoiled New Year’s Eve.


Very often you begin to feel tired due to lack of fluid in the body. Start monitoring your drinking regime in advance. Let not 2.5 liters a day, but definitely drink one and a half. Buy several bottles of water of the required volume and be sure to empty them to the bottom.

Do not overload the body with heavy food, but do not arrange diets for yourself. Starvation and lettuce mixed with buckwheat will not add harmony to you, except for a couple of hours, but they will exhaust the body’s reserves.

Now let’s talk about what to do directly on New Year’s Eve so as not to fall asleep ahead of time.

Yes, December 31 is one of the busiest and most difficult days of the year: you have to cook, clean, set the table, run to the store for forgotten salad ingredients and fireworks. You can’t get away from this. But be sure to find an hour and a half to sleep in this busy schedule. At the same time, plan to rest until 15 pm. After that, you run the risk that instead of cheerfulness you will earn weakness and a headache.

Do not overeat at the New Year’s table. A full stomach will bring sleep. Everyone’s favorite salads with mayonnaise are especially dangerous. They will quickly release energy, but fatigue will quickly set in. The most optimal menu to stay awake on New Year’s Eve is meat with herbs or fish. Protein will give extra energy to the body, you will not overeat and will feel good, without a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

But nutritionists, by the way, do not recommend a large number of vegetables and fruits. They explain this by saying that you won’t get enough of them, but will take up space in your stomach.


We will not be able to ban it to you, and is it worth it? But make it a rule for one glass of champagne to drink one glass of water. This will keep you from getting drunk quickly, and this secret will keep you awake on New Year’s Eve.

You should not be too warm, you yourself know that heat can debilitate even the most persistent night owl. You should not be uncomfortable, make sure that the clothes do not press anywhere, do not rub. Otherwise, instead of having fun, you will want to change clothes, and then lie down not far.

Even if you didn’t plan, take a walk. Fresh air will invigorate. Moreover, a walk is a great option for even more fun. Surely you will meet neighbors and acquaintances whom you want to congratulate. During the walk, you can light sparklers, launch fireworks, dance around the city Christmas tree.

A very interesting effect: if you feel like falling asleep, brush your teeth with menthol paste. Chill in the mouth will invigorate the whole body. If you can’t brush your teeth, use mints or mint gum. This method is very often used by drivers on the road, when there is no way to stop, and sleep comes unnoticed.


By Yara

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