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Everyone is already used to the fact that Valeria is the owner of long curls. But recently, the star decided to change her image in favor of a fashionable shaggy haircut (fancy with torn ends). This grunge style was generally liked by the followers. They noted that Valeria was five years younger and began to look more playful.

“Couch Experts” got attached to how the singer styled her hair after a video from a sports workout. Valeria wanted to share a motivating strength exercise, but instead she received a flurry of criticism and recommendations on what kind of hairstyle to actually work out.

“Gather your hair in a ponytail and pin it up, loose hair gets in the way during classes, and your face sweats from the bangs”, “Yes, she comes to the gym purely for a photo shoot, so she doesn’t pin up anything”, “You can easily collect this length of hair in a ponytail and on the sides on one invisibility to stab. Or put on an elastic bandage around the head, I always do this when I work out in the gym, and my haircut is even a little shorter and cascading. It’s just that you are embarrassed of yourself in this form with collected hair, that’s the whole reason! ”, – they wrote in the comments.

Valeria could not stand it and began to answer the followers, in particular, she retorted the last speaker as follows: “I was exposed. Rejection is pointless. The terrible truth was revealed. My God, what recommendations! Perhaps I’ll start a separate section “Readers’ Tips”.

The singer complained that it was impossible to collect her hair in a ponytail with her haircut option, the front strands still fall out, and she walks with bangs all her life, so her hair does not interfere with her, even during shock training.

And with what hairstyle do you go in for sports?

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