It seems, George and Amal Clooney serious trouble awaits. They are being sued by Oxfordshire Local Council for wrongfully building a plastic fence around their estate in Sonning. The Clooney spouses received a notice in which they were ordered to demolish the ugly structure within three months: but the fourth has already passed, and the fence is still in place. The head of the local county council made an official statement that if the actor does not immediately comply with the order, then the fence will be forced to dismantle the workers hired by the council.

For almost a year, the estate, located in the bend of the Thames, on a small island, has been under reconstruction. Two hundred workers are constantly working to please the tastes of Mr. and Mrs. Clooney. The endless rumble, trucks and concrete mixers greatly spoil the mood of the locals. And in order to protect neighbors from unnecessary noise, Clooney decided to put a temporary green plastic fence around the entire construction site. But this turned out to be a big mistake. Because the fence from the side of the river closes the bank with picturesque weeping willows and walnut trees. And the inhabitants of the nearest village cannot admire the familiar view. The former owners of the mansion never hid from prying eyes and did not fence the estate from any side. Tradition breakers in the English outback are not liked and, most likely, George will have to fulfill all the requirements of the neighbors.


By Yara

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