Friends George Clooney are in despair. The actor announced that he was going to sell his famous house on Lake Como. Say, he was tired of the excessive attention and hospitality of the Italians. This unexpected turn upset Clooney’s buddies, who have been regular guests at the villa for many years. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer AnistonEllen Barkin, Cindy Crawford with husband, Julia Roberts with the family, but who was not there! George spared neither time nor effort to provide friends and girlfriends, of course, a fun and carefree Italian vacation.

But after marrying Amal Alamuddin the actor began to appear much less frequently at the villa. First, he bought an estate in England, which is currently undergoing renovation and is going to move there in the fall with his wife. And secondly, it’s one thing – another girlfriend, another – a legal wife, and even such a businesslike and busy woman like Amal. Now Clooney spends most of his time with his wife. At the end of July, they had a wonderful rest in the villa together. But as soon as important matters called the actor’s wife on the road, Clooney immediately called guests to his place. And now he is already meeting a good friend of the actor Edward Norton, his wife and their two-year-old son on a water taxi.

Perhaps this is the last vacation at Villa Oleandra and the last guests who will taste all the delights of Cluny’s Italian hospitality. According to some reports, the actor is considering a more than lucrative offer – the sale of the villa for an impressive amount of $ 100 million.


By Yara

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