As stated in a recent interview Cindy Crawford, George Clooney in all seriousness was going to settle with her and her husband in the same house. Randy Gerber, Cindy’s husband, came home one evening and pitched the idea to his wife. She was very surprised, despite the fact that she knew about the long-standing tender friendship between Clooney and Gerber. They not only have a joint business for the production of alcohol, but also one favorite hobby – motorcycles. George and Randy love, sitting on their powerful iron horses, to rush off into the wilderness and wander through the deserted expanses for a couple of weeks, spending the night in roadside motels, and sometimes just in a tent. Understanding her husband’s feelings for a bosom friend, Cindy was still not ready to live with a Hollywood star under the same roof. It should be noted that this whole delicate situation developed when Clooney was not yet married and often changed one girlfriend to another. In general, Crawford then said a resounding “no”.

“I was sure that George, contrary to his assurances, would marry sooner or later,” says Cindy. – And two mistresses in the same house – it would be somehow strange and hardly would have liked George’s future wife. My husband then accepted my arguments. As a result, Clooney bought a house next door to Crawford and Gerber’s mansion and now, together with his wife, Amal visits friends.

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