Lipstick and case for her Lipstick Case N 001, Paul&Joe
Photo: Paul&Joe

“What could be better than a cat?” – thought the developers of the make-up collection for Paul & Joe and decided: “Only a cat in the form of lipstick.” Perhaps this is how some time ago the idea came up to create a collection of beauty products with cats. The idea turned out to be more than successful: girls are already downloading the branded “cat” print that adorns the packaging of the products from the brand’s official website to put it on the screensavers of their computers and phones, and refill cases with images of furry friends fly like hot cakes.

In August 2018, the creators of the novelties decided to go even further and created a lipstick case in the shape of a cat. Snow-white and neat, it has already caused delight in the vastness of the English-speaking Internet: they say that the case is pleasant to hold in your hands and it is not too bulky, so it is convenient to carry it with you. Also in the collection there is a highlighter and lipsticks with rods in the form of cats. The texture of all products is soft and pleasant, they lie down in an even layer, cover the natural color of the lips, but look very natural. Light shimmer shines delicately and unobtrusively.

In Russia, funds can be purchased via the Internet.

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