Hair color that will cheer you up in isolation
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In quarantine, many feel like on a roller coaster: the state from anxiety to panic changes throughout the day, as if you are riding an attraction with a lot of twists and turns, you just have to read the news feed or watch news TV channels. It seems that you are stuck in this attraction for a long time, because the slides have no end in sight. To restore your state of mind without taking sedatives or discharging with gluttony, American psychologists recommend changing your hair color to this one and looking at yourself in the mirror more often. They claim that such an image will help to catch the long-awaited zen.

What a mysterious color

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Recently, hair dye manufacturers have noticed that pastel pinks, especially rose gold, are sweeping off the shelves best. The shade that was in trend last seasons is “back on horseback”.

“Pink is a happy color and calm. It reminds us of gum, cotton candy, childhood and carelessness. It is soft and serene. These are the main reasons for the popularity of pink,” says Sanam Hafiz, a neuropsychologist from New York.

Aura specialists recognize pink as an energy color that can nurture, heal, and energize a downhearted person. In addition, this shade of softness and romance awakens in many girls a sensual feminine nature, as well as incredible self-love.

On the other hand, trying to dye your hair the color of cotton candy is a quiet rebellion. This is especially true for office workers who have been transferred to a remote location. Now the rules of a strict dress code no longer apply to them, and you can embark on experiments in isolation, and at a zoom conference it is unlikely that the boss will make a remark for such an innocent transformation.

How to dye your hair pink

Photo: unsplash

Photo: unsplash

If you have already decided for sure that you are ready to go “breaking bad”, then you have several options – hair dye, hair crayons, tinting shampoo.

If you want to dye your hair pink, and not temporarily tint, in this case you need to use the same scheme as when dyeing blonde. That is, pre-lighten the hair, and only then apply the dye so that it lies evenly. This coloring is suitable only for those who have natural or previously clarified hair. For dyed brunettes, only crayons and tinting shampoo that color the upper surface of the hair.

Photo: unsplash

Photo: unsplash

It is not necessary to transform all hair into pink, highlighting looks very stylish or only a few strands near the face in this delicate shade.

After the transformation, look at yourself in the mirror more often, especially when you are sad, be sure to post a photo with a new color on social media. networks and bathe in enthusiastic comments and likes.


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