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Now, when we are scared every day with various interesting numbers on covid, many are afraid to show their nose from home. However, remote work does not end there. Everyone has long settled in online offices where meetings and negotiations take place, and in video format. Therefore, you need to be in shape and look good in the eyes of the boss, albeit in pajama pants (no one will see it anyway), but with styling, makeup and normal hair color.

Stylists have named a whole series of colorings that have been categorized as “lockdown”, for obvious reasons. You can update these shades every four months, when hair grows back, everything looks organic. Here are the most interesting options that have become trendy coloring 2021.

Underpainted blonde

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We already wrote that platinum tones were washed away by all the waves of the pandemic, now blondes are switching to natural warm shades. One of the top colorings in this path was undone blonde or underpainted blonde. When their roots smoothly pass in length into several warm shades of blond. We wrote more about this coloring here.

Tortoise coloring

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At the time of 2016, to attract even more attention, this technique was renamed the “tiger’s eye”, saying that the staining repeats the overflows on the talisman stone. But the name itself did not last long and regained its proud status of “tortoiseshell”. Coloring in honor of the reptile is named for a reason. Stylists say that it repeats the iridescence on the tortoise shell.

Might be worth looking at to be sure. They create a tortoise color as follows: on a dark base (for example, a shade of chocolate), several highlights are applied at once – amber, honey, champagne, gold. This whole composition creates a three-dimensional volume, allows the convinced brunette to embark on experiments.


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A kind of ombre, which has been in the top for 3 seasons. This is not a sharp transition from dark to light or vice versa, but a smooth flow of shades, as in a watercolor painting. To update the color less often, stylists suggest taking a dark shade as a basis, and scatter honey highlights on top of it. A convinced brunette has already switched to this coloring Lily James.

ring light

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This staining is named after the annular diffused light that the selfie lamp casts. She creates a play of highlights on the hair of the face, correcting its shape, softening the features. The same technique is used in coloring, creating thin strands closer to the face. This option saves you money. Why, we wrote here.

Delicate cinnamon

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Stylists say that depending on the chosen palette, gentle cinnamon is universal for both blondes and brunettes. The bottom line is adding light strands to the background of the shade you already have. For blondes – this is copper and bronze, for brunettes – gold, caramel, honey.

Sharp contrast with roots

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Recently dyed this color Kylie Jenner, signed her transformation in the post: “Blondie.” Now this color is called by the people. We already saw something similar in the mid-90s, and, as you know, they are returning. In the new well-forgotten old coloring, dark roots abruptly turn into a warm shade of blond along the length, as in the case of Kylie, in a honey-golden tone. When growing back for a sharp transition of boundaries, you should not worry – this is a tribute to fashion in lockdown.

Noble gray hair

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Photo: instagram*

If you are not as brave as our heroine, whose story we published here, and are embarrassed to walk with gray hair, pay attention to the new fashion trend. Natural gray hair is the trend of 2021. We all know that gray hair can be different – for some it is a beautiful shade of silver, and for someone it is something with a marsh undertone.

Just for the second category, stylists recommend two coloring options – dark smoky roots flowing into cold silver, or on a dark background, make two silvery thick strands near the face. The last option is reminiscent of face painting, only more daring, like in the 90s.


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