Haircut mallet for the daring or not?
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The mallet has marked 2020 and is rushing into 2021 with the stars. Previously, this haircut was considered masculine, but in our age of victorious feminism and gender equality, it entered the menu of women’s masters.

Stylists say it suits everyone, but not everyone dares to try on a mallet, because this haircut is very bold. Let’s see who she really suits.

How did the haircut mullet

“A mullet haircut looks like this: the hair is cut short in front and sides, and it remains long in the back. There are many variations, but a real mullet should be at least 8-10 cm long,” explains Inna Salibekova, stylist and expert at Redken Artist.

Photo: instagram*

Photo: instagram*

This haircut was born not yesterday and not in the last century, but in the 19th century. In historical sources, you can find a legend that fishermen made mallets. They wore long hair at the back, instead of a scarf, so as not to catch a cold on the neck. It is not surprising that the name of the haircut comes from the name of the fish. Literally from English mullet means “kefel”.

The baton of English fishermen in the 80s was taken over by rockers and young and daring actors. The brightest owner of the mullet was
David Bowiefollowed by Mel Gibson, Kurt Russell, Patrick Swayze and the entire line-up of the Beastie Boys. By the way, the latter dedicated a song called “Mullet Head” to the mullet.

Girls also took over the baton from men, but few decided on such a daring haircut. Among the brightest owners of mallets in the 80s, one can single out Jane Fonda, Cher, who has always been famous for her love of extravagance and, of course, Madonna.

After the dashing 90s, an extraordinary haircut went into the shadows, and for a long time. Glamour, which moved rebelliousness off its pedestal, came into fashion.

Why the mullet has become popular now

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There is a version that the mullet gained popularity first among a new generation of feminists who decided to equate themselves with men in all respects. The most striking example among the representatives of this movement was shown by Miley Cyruswho without hesitation tried on a mullet first for shooting a video, and then with this haircut she became a role model for buzzers.

Behind her, experiments hit Irina Shayk (true for fashion shooting), Gigi HadidZendaya, merged with this haircut and Billie Eilish is the voice of Generation Z.

The revival of haircuts on the wave of body positivity and gender equality is not surprising, because the mullet is both feminine and flirtatious, and at the same time brutal. Americans say about her: “business in front, party in the back.” That is, in fact, depending on the styling, a haircut will suit both a business woman and creative outliers. Mallet suits everyone and gives many advantages, but it all depends on the work of the master.

“Graduated strands at the temples and at the crown can be of different lengths – from ultra-short to elongated, which support the volume of the hairstyle. The mullet makes hair thicker and is very easy to style, and also has an infinite number of variations, so it can be matched to any face shape, it is important that the master, choosing a variation on the theme, emphasizes your facial features. Another plus of this haircut is that it does not require frequent correction, ”notes Vera Kiriyenko, technologist at BRARUS Academy.

Coloring for a haircut is suitable for any. “But the mullet is especially irresistible with highlights or the effect of sun-bleached hair. Also, in coloring for this haircut, you can combine copper and gold shades, ”says Inna Salibekova.

Who will suit such a haircut

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Photo: instagram*

We have to admit, of course, mullet is not for everyone. And the point here is not in the haircut itself, but in the perception of your new extraordinary image. For example, conservatives and finished classics will not be delighted with such a daring reflection in the mirror. Hair with such a haircut will seem untidy to them.

But for those who want to slap the face of public taste, the mullet will suit the bold and self-confident, beat the image and make it more beautiful. This haircut, like a symbol of revolution, is combined only with the spirit of rebellion.


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